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Speed Up Design, Consenting and Installation with GIB

Winstone Wallboards’ GIB plasterboard systems have been developed for New Zealand conditions for over 90 years with a commitment to independent testing and assessment to ensure stated system performance levels are meet.

By using standard GIB Specification Reference Numbers, specifiers can be assured that all the essential design information needed to build walls, floor/ceiling and suspended ceiling systems is clearly communicated to all parties. The performance of noise control and fire systems are very sensitive to design detailing and construction practices, so it is important to use only GIB branded components where specified and follow the specified systems.

What is a GIB Specification Reference Number?

All of the GIB Fire, Noise and Bracing systems are coded to provide a quick reference identifier. A wall specification such as GBTLA30b relates directly to a specific GIB plasterboard system which denotes what material the wall framing is made from, if the wall is load-bearing or not, what level of acoustic and fire performance is achieved and whether alternative options exist which perform the same.

In addition, each GIB Specification Reference has a full ‘System data sheet’ which details framing requirements, insulation infill, GIB plasterboard wall lining type including orientation of sheets, acoustic sealant details and the specification and location of fasteners.

What if your lining requirements are slightly different to a published GIB System?

From time to time clients’ requirements may slightly differ from one of the published systems. Refer to GIB's Board Substitution Options (Page 16 of the GIB Site Guide). GIB Standard plasterboard linings can be substituted with an alternative GIB plasterboard lining in an equivalent thickness, such as GIB Aqualine for increased water resistance or GIB Toughline for increased impact resistance.

It is recommended that the original GIB Specification Reference is maintained with a note or keynote added stating the slight variation. GIB is in the process of creating specific system codes that utilise, for example, GIB Toughline to reduce the need to use GIB alternative linings.

In cases where GIB EzyBrace Systems and GIB Noise Control Systems may be required for a load-bearing intertenancy wall, a similar process is recommended where the base GIB Specification Reference Number is noted with a minor variation or keynote.

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