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Fenta Ceiling Tiles Stand Test of Time for SKYCITY

John Ross, Executive Chef Conventions and Outcatering for SKYCITY puts that down to having chosen a quality product.

“The Fenta Ceiling Tile has certainly stood the test of time,” says Mr Ross. “It has been in place here since day one – that’s 10 years this August – and it’s still looking good.”  

“In terms of kitchen areas, quality costs,” explains Mr Ross. “For the amount of covers we have in a year multiplied by the 10 years these kitchens have been operating, it is in fact very cost effective.”

His colleague, Chief Steward Hibeam Tanginoa, agrees and adds that for he and his fellow kitchen staff, the tile has also impressed in terms of cleanliness.

“It is very easy to clean, we use sanitisers and the like, but overall the maintenance of the tile is very easy,” says Mr Tanginoa.

“For us and our industry,” adds Mr Ross, “labour is the highest cost.  So, if it takes twice as long to clean the product – and remember, we are doing that regularly – that is a very big expenditure. So again, quality costs, but anything that is quality will last longer, will meet your needs and pay off in the long run.”

One other element that has also paid off is the reflective quality of the tiles.  The kitchen areas at SKYCITY are located on two floors in the back-of-house area of the Convention Centre.

Mr Ross, who has worked in similar commercial kitchens throughout Australia and New Zealand, believes this is one of the lightest kitchens he has ever worked in.

"I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years and very few have natural light,” he says. “This is one of the lightest kitchens I have ever worked in and that is down to the reflectiveness of the walls and the Fenta Ceiling Tiles."

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