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Safe and Reliable Car Parking Doors Tailored to Project Requirements

When designing car parks it’s important to put the user’s experience first in order to create safe, secure and attractive spaces with facilities that are reliable and easy to use. The selection of the right high speed door — one that is fast, dependable and requires minimal maintenance — plays a critical role. EFAFLEX’s high speed doors can achieve up to 250,000 cycles per year, offering a trusted, low maintenance solution.

EFAFLEX has a high speed car parking door for virtually every application, from multi-storey car parks and apartment buildings, to hospitals, malls and more. Suitable for new builds and retrofits with options for customisation, they can be tailored to suit the aesthetic and performance requirements for any project.

Fast operation for improved safety

EFAFLEX car park doors are designed to open and close in seconds, with the fastest option offering a closing speed of 4.0 metres per second. This speed not only ensures a quick and easy experience for car park users, but also prevents unauthorised access into the building, improving overall safety. As an added bonus, the speed of the doors means little time for dirt, leaves and litter to be blown in, so the car park stays cleaner for longer.

Designed with optimum safety in mind, EFAFLEX high speed doors feature sensitive infra-red sensors which immediately detect obstacles in the door area and interrupt the automatic closing system, minimising the risk of accidents.

Robust, reliable and low maintenance

EFAFLEX high-performance doors are designed to open up to 250,000 times between each service interval. This makes them a reliable choice for busy car park areas, apartments and commercial buildings where disruptions need to be kept to a minimum. "No other doors come even close to this service life and load capacity," says Alexander Fuchs, Business Owner Parking at EFAFLEX.

Tailor-made and attractive

With EFAFLEX designers can create welcoming car parking spaces that are not only functional but also offer improved temperature, brightness and attractiveness. Doors can be tailored to meet requirements around size and shape, while different lath options are available to help manage light and ventilation, and enhance aesthetics through colour choice.

Ultimately, EFAFLEX car park doors improve the experience for both car park users and building owners, providing fast and easy access, low maintenance and optimum safety.

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