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EFA-SST Secure: The Burglar-Resistant High-Speed Door

The SST Secure is the latest addition to EFAFLEX’s EFAPROTECT Series of high-speed doors — all designed to provide extra protection to safeguard people and assets. What makes the SST Secure stand out above the rest is its robust design which has been tested to withstand attack from experienced perpetrators using heavy-duty tools such as electric drills.

Ultra-high resistance to robbery and vandalism

New components have been used to increase the security levels of the SST Secure, including a new door lath, rollers and a hinge chain. While other doors in the EFAPROTECT range are certified to resistance class 2 (WK2), the SST Secure is certified to resistance class 4 (WK4 ), providing an even higher level of protection. The EFA-SST Secure is capable of withstanding a maximum lever force of 10,000 Newton and has been tested to operate up to 250,000 load cycles per year, ensuring reliable durability.

A security-sensitive solution

The resilience of the SST Secure makes it ideal for buildings with sensitive security needs such as police stations, government buildings and banks. In fact, the SST secure has already been included in the police manufacturer's directory in Germany. For buildings that require further control, the system can be integrated into additional systems such as biometric authentication or control apps.

Ultra-fast operation

The durability and security of the door is paired with the high-speed EFAFLEX is known for. Featuring EFAFLEX’s spiral construction and quiet operation, the EFA-SST-Secure opens with a maximum speed of 1.0 m/s and closes with a speed of 0.6 m/s.

Automatic locking

An automatic locking mechanism on both sides secures the door once closed to ensure safety and peace of mind for the building user. Once closed, the door cannot be opened from the outside, even with considerable force, making it suitable for inclusion in complete security concepts.

So, how does the SST Secure stand up to vandalism and burglary?

Watch the below video to see how the SST Secure withstands persistence and power tools from would-be burglars.

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