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Acoustic Moss Panels: Naturally Sound Absorbing and Versatile

The Scandinavian moss is organically grown and sustainably hand-picked to meet International standards, minimising the negative impact on the environment. It is then preserved by a natural mineral process, which means the moss will never require any sunlight, watering or pruning. While the moss has no roots and is glue fixed onto a panel, it is still able to absorb water through the air. At a relative humidity of 40% to 80% and kept out of direct sunlight, the moss will remain looking the same and feeling soft, almost indefinitely. It is completely maintenance-free and therefore an affordable design alternative to live plant wall systems.

The moss is a naturally high sound absorber and has a dampening effect, due to its soft porous fibres. It has a .95 Sabin rated absorption coefficient at 5000 Hz (KS F 2805 Tested), the value of 1.0 being perfect absorption.

Moss Panels are a flexible solution for acoustic wallcoverings as they can be supplied by standard panel size or customised to fit a range of wall substrates, such as GIB, plywood, concrete and brick. Cork backed panels are also an option to fit around curved surfaces and other applications include creating logos, words or shapes. They make an ideal material to specify in both residential and commercial projects requiring acoustic absorption and as an organic design feature.


  • Organically grown and sustainably harvested: Certified and approved by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.
  • Fire resistant: Certified by ISO for interior use. Acoustic moss cannot be ignited by fire and is tested to be ignition proof according to NS-EN ISO 11925-2:2010.
  • Hypo-allergenic: Acoustic Moss is made without the addition of toxic hazardous chemicals to preserve or dye and is non-allergenic. Available in a selection of 12 colours.
  • Insects are unable to create a habitat within the moss. It also does not go mouldy or decompose.
  • Colour-fast: Moss colours are sealed permanently using an all-natural mineral process. This prevents the moss from fading and allows it to be resistant to discoloration.
  • Resistant to dust build-up resulting from gravitational forces or static. Visible dust particles can be removed by blow vacuuming or light dusting.
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