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DriStud Wall Wrap and Roofing Underlays Engineered to Breathe

Pre-cladding components — building wraps, roofing underlays and tapes, play a crucial role in all buildings.

Excess moisture generated within busy living spaces through cooking, bathing, washing and drying has to go somewhere. The humid air usually ends up at ceiling level, or when this is permeable it ends up in the attic space. Roof underlays with a higher moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR) ensure more moisture vapour can permeate out to ventilation. DriStud roofing underlays have one of the lowest water vapour resistance and absorbent layer undersides (passed driptest recommended by BRANZ) in the market. By using DriStud, moisture management within roof spaces can be accomplished with peace of mind.

There are many products in the NZ market that seem to be similar, but these products are designed to perform in specific spaces. For example, not all wall wraps can go on gable ends, and behind non-absorbent claddings. Some roofing underlays cannot be used under skillion roofs.

DriStud Wall Wrap and Roof Underlays are engineered to outperform all the performance parameters required by NZ Building Code. These are engineered to breathe for NZ weather conditions.

Water vapour resistance values of DriStud products

DriStud Wall Wrap: NZS 2295: 2006 requirements are ≤7 MN s/g, DriStud Wall Wrap is 0.33 MN s/g.

DriStud FRU 38 (Fire Retardant Self Support Synthetic Roof Underlay): NZS 2295:2006 requirements are ≤7 MN s/g, DriStud FRU is 0.64 MN s/g.

Why specify DriStud?

  • Top quality materials, engineered for NZ weather conditions
  • CodeMark certified
  • New innovative products
  • Price-competitive and readily available
  • Complete range of wall and roof underlays with complementary products
  • Specification available in Masterspec
  • Researched to be one of the best products in the NZ market
  • Commercial and residential grade products
  • Well established company (Since 1937)

Why are DriStud products preferred by Builders and Roofers?

Not only does DriStud outperform on the requirements, it is also very price competitive compared to other products of its type. DriStud is finding that there is a growing demand from builders and roofers for their products as they are easy and simple to install.

Who is TCL Hunt?

TCL Hunt is a New Zealand owned company with 70 years of history. TCL Hunt has been in the building industry for over 20 years. The company introduced one of the first synthetic wall wraps to the NZ market.

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