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Combine DriStud Wall Wrap and Flashing Tape for Trusted Building Protection

The DriStud system is an ideal solution for all conditions, from the icy blizzard-like temperatures of the Southern Alps, to the warm salty sea air of Nelson. With five CodeMark Certificates, buildings can be covered with proven confidence.

DriStud Wall Wrap is a breathable, water-resistant and durable wrap with air barrier properties. It features water-resistant film sandwiched between polyester non-woven engineered fabrics.The non-woven fabric protects the water-resistant film, therefore should the surface layer suffer slight damage, its outstanding low water vapour resistance and water resistance will not be compromised. NZS 2295:2006 requirements are ≤7 MN s/g, whereas DriStud Wall Wrap is 0.33 MN s/g.

In one project, builders used DriStud Wall Wrap alongside another branded wrap. After a huge downpour of heavy rain, the timber beneath the other wrap was soaking wet whilst under DriStud Wall Wrap the timber remained dry. Due to the timber frame becoming wet, the other wrap was removed to allow the timber to dry. Once dry it was replaced by DriStud Wall Wrap.

DriStud recommends using DriStud Wall Wrap with DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape to reduce costly errors.

DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape is an all weather tape that does not contain asphalt. It can be used in cooler temperatures without the need for primer or a heat gun. At 381 microns, it is perfect for tight window fittings without bleeding issues and requires only one layer. 

See February's article on DriStud Roofing Underlays for details on DriStud's Synthetic Roof Underlay options.

DriStud Wall Wrap DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape
Key Features
  • CodeMark certified
  • Fire retardant
  • Absorbent
  • Resistant to Ultra Violet (U.V.) for up to 60 days
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Translucent, making it easy to locate doors, studs, corners and openings
  • Meets Building Codes NZS 3604:2011 and also complies with B1, B2, C3, E2, F2 of the New Zealand Building Code
  • It can be used at gable ends
  • Wind zones up to and including Very High
  • Can be direct fixed and used with all claddings
  • Custom prints available on request
  • CodeMark certified
  • Resists Ultra-Violet (U.V.) up to 42 Days
  • No primer required in temperatures as low as -6°C
  • Suitable for the harshest of conditions with a service temperature range of -25°C to 80°C
  • Adheres to damp surfaces
  • Suitable for wind zones (NZS3604:2001) up to and including Extra High
  • Self-seals around nails and staples
  • Can be used with/without corner moulds (no corner moulds required)
  • Only one layer required on the sill for nail sealability
  • Ultimate all weather tape
  • Suitable for steel framing when used in conjunction with 10mm thermal break in accordance with the Nash Design Standard
Descriptions and Use 
  • DriStud Wall Wrap is a strong non-woven engineered fabric that sheds water and reduces air infiltration, yet allows the transfer of moisture vapour to the outside; creating a healthier and more energy-efficient structure.
  • DriStud Wall Wrap is an ideal choice for severe weather protection, providing resistance to moisture. It is more surfactant-resistant than most building wrap materials.
  • DriStud Wall Wrap provides reliable weather protection for projects with high-perm moisture transfer requirements.
  • DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape self-adheres to most surfaces.
  • DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape forms a part of the secondary weather resistant layer and can be installed on all timber framing in accordance with NZS3604:2011. Suitable for steel framing when used in conjunction with a 10mm thermal break in accordance with the Nash Design Standard.
Available Sizes (Width Length) 
  • 2740mm 36.5m 100m²
  • 2740mm 9.2m 25m²
  • 1370mm 73.0m 100m²
  • 1370mm 18.5m 25m²
  • 75mm, 25.0m
  • 150mm, 25.0m
  • 200mm, 25.0m
View more information on DriSpace, including contact details.
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