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Specify a Complete Building Wrap and Ventilation System with DriStud

Understanding the science behind buildings and managing the balance of air, heat and moisture movement is crucial to successful construction and operation. This can impact the quality and performance of the building in use and the health of building occupants.

TCL Hunt building products provide a complete pre-cladding system, with an air and moisture barrier and condensation control solutions.

Proctor Passive Wraptite SA

Air leakage through cracks, gaps, holes and improperly sealed elements can cause a significant reduction in the performance of even well-insulated envelopes, reducing their effectiveness by up to 70%. To resolve this issue, DriStud supplies Proctor Passive Wraptite SA — a self-adhering, water-resistant, vapour and air permeable building membrane. Applying Wraptite to the outside of a building will mean there are fewer penetrations for services in the substrate, making it airtight and energy-efficient.

Key construction benefits:

  • Airtightness and wind resistance during construction
  • Water resistance — providing temporary protection for the building substrate during construction
  • Vapour permeability — allowing vapour to escape to reduce condensation for users and structure
  • Saves on both the labour and material costs as it requires minimal tapes and sealants
  • Self-adhering ensures less risk of water/wind ingress

Vent NZ Passive Ventilation Systems

Moisture vapour will pass through the various layers of any construction by both convection and diffusion. Dense cold air causes warm air with high moisture content to rise up from the living space to the roof space. DriStud resolves this problem at the construction stage with VENT NZ Passive Ventilation systems installed to eliminate the risk of condensation in the roof cavity. Ventilating eaves/ridges and correct installation of the roof underlay ensure sufficient airflow in the roof cavity to keep the roof space dry and eliminate condensation and associated problems such as mould growth.

DriStud Underlay System

DriStud Wall and Roof Underlay is a tough and durable underlay system with superior mechanical strength. Suitable for both commercial and residential projects, it is one of the highest vapour permeable products in the market — boasting well below 0.5 MNs/g vapour resistance. For commercial and warehouse applications where superior strength is required, DriStud offers a fully synthetic vapour barrier featuring a white-faced foil. As part of the system, DriStud also offers DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape — an acrylic polymer adhesive tape with superior adhesion even in harsh weather conditions. 

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