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Dimension Change for VENT NZ's Ridge Vents and Apron Vents

VENT has adjusted the sizing of their popular RV10P Ridge Vent and RV10DT Deep Trough Ridge Vent so they are now compatible with standard ridge cappings — simplifying the specification and installation process.

VENT is reducing the width of their RV10P and RV10DT ridge vents from Jan 2021. The new sizing will ensure that standard ridge cappings of 200mm will accommodate the ridge vents — eliminating the current need for ridge cappings to be extended.

The change in sizing also comes with a minor adjustment to compatibility:

  • The RV10P Vent will be compatible with trough sizes up to 34mm
  • The RV10DT Deep Trough Ridge Vent will be compatible with trough sizes from 34mm to 48mm

VENT is also condensing their product range as part of the update. They will stop supplying the AB20 and AB20DT Apron Vents which were specifically designed to ventilate abutments and barge details. Instead, by simply cutting the newly designed and sized ridge vents in half, installers can create apron vents capable of providing the same level of ventilation for abutment and barge details. In technical details, VENT will refer to these apron vents as RV10P Half or RV10DT Half.

  • Use RV10P Half or RV10DT Half instead of AB20 and AB20DT

While the sizing has changed, VENT’s ridge vents still provide the same trusted passive ventilation performance, ensuring airflow rates of 8,000mm² per linear metre. The vents are a key component of VENT’s passive ventilation systems, providing passive airflow and releasing hot air from roof voids to eliminate condensation.

And installers can rest assured that the RV10P and RV10DT ridge vents are still as easy to install as the original design — only now with the added benefit of being fully compatible with standard 200mm ridge cappings.

VENT NZ passive ventilation products are distributed by DriSpace, a division of TCL Hunt. The DriSpace brands include DriStud Building Wraps and Tapes, VENT passive ventilation components, vented battens for wall and roof, and Proctor functional construction membranes including self adhering vapour permeable underlays and vapour control layers.

To request a PTS or DWG, please contact DriSpace Team on [email protected] or 0800 374 7883. 

View more information on DriSpace, including contact details.
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