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Cold Roof Ventilation: Meet H1 Requirements with DriSpace H1 Systems

DriSpace Ventilation Systems are suitable for cold roofs for commercial buildings and can help achieve an energy-efficient, airtight building with passive ventilation in the roof cavities.

For commercial builds under 10 metres, DriSpace Ventilation Systems are an ideal, cost-effective method for introducing non-mechanical and continuous airflow in the roof cavity. For trussed roofs, the Over Fascia Vent (G1200N/G2500N — size dependent on roof pitch) together with the Eaves Baffle/Roll Panel Vent (G502) is the perfect combination to create passive ventilation in the roof cavity. Please refer to DriSpace's H1 systems literature or the DriSpace website for details and drawings.

For commercial builds above 10 metres, DriSpace VCL and VB10, vapour control layer with ventilation above the underlay systems are recommended for both skillion and trussed roofs. Using ProctorPassive SmartVap as a vapour control layer in the ceiling, the ceiling becomes air and vapour tight, thus limiting the passage of conditioned and moisture laden air entering into the roof space. SmartVap is compatible for timber and metal frames and suitable for up to and including extra high wind zones (NZS 3604). Install VB10 (10mm vented batten) above the DriStud FRU38 (FR underlay) or ProctorPassive Wraptite SA (self-adhering FR underlay) to provide ventilation and drainage and defer dew point condensation.

ProctorPassive Wraptite SA

Ideal for high rise and commercial builds, ProctorPassive Wraptite SA has many benefits towards creating an energy efficient build that contributes to H1 changes. Wraptite SA is a self-adhesive membrane that ensures the envelope is airtight and energy efficient by reducing air leakage that accounts for up to 70% reduction in the effectiveness of insulation. Wraptite SA’s high vapour permeability feature also allows sheathing to dry quicky and moisture to escape, thus reducing the risk of condensation forming.

ProctorPassive SmartVap

ProctorPassive SmartVap is a light duty, air barrier, vapour control membrane. When SmartVap is installed in the ceiling, the roof becomes air and vapour tight, limiting the passage of conditioned and moisture laden air and minimising interstitial condensation caused by high moisture load in the building. SmartVap also helps to improve the efficacy of the ventilation systems and thermal efficacy of the building enclosure.

What makes DriSpace Ventilation Systems unique?

  • DriSpace has produced systems for all types and pitches of cold roofs
  • Systems feature Vent products designed to solve condensation problem
  • A nationwide full network of support is available
  • Specification available for DriSpace products and systems — MasterSpec and DriSpace. 

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