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Fire Retardant, Vapour Permeable, Airtight Membranes for Intertenancy Walls

The intertenancy wall is a key part of the detailing for Medium Density Housing, as discussed in Guy Marriage's recent guide, Medium. Fire protection, one of the key attributes of an intertenancy wall, is paramount when buildings are adjoined or in close proximity.

DriSpace has the products to help the building achieve desired fire safety for intertenancy walls, whilst also maintaining energy efficiency by preventing infiltration of air and keeping the process as simple as possible.

Hailing from the UK where townhouses are everywhere, ProctorPassive Wraptite SA is a key layer in creating a fire-protected townhouse. Wraptite is a self-adhesive, water resistant, exceptionally high vapour permeable air barrier wall and roof underlay with a Flammability Index: 1.

When installed as part of an intertenancy wall system, the beneficial self-adhesive feature of Wraptite means there is no air gap between the membrane and the wall substrate, ensuring no flames can pass up the back of the membrane ,while also providing energy-efficiency for each unit, townhouse or apartment.

And for external walls, Wraptite is an excellent membrane to use on rigid air barriers including CLT panels, as it creates the vital external air barrier needed during construction when installed on the façade of the building and protects the panels from moisture exposure.

ProctorPassive Wraptite SA can be used in conjunction with ProctorPassive SmartVap (vapour control layer) to create a fire-retardant, intelligent air barrier wall system for intertenancy walls. SmartVap is a two layer AS4200.1 compliant air barrier with an FR Index of less than 5. When installed to the inside of a timber framed intertenancy wall, a continuous air and vapour control layer is created and acts as a service cavity behind the plasterboard.

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