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Dimond Updates Heritage Tray Offer

Dimond Roofing offers a range of tray products, including their popular Heritage Tray profile. The specification of Heritage Tray has grown in recent years for both cladding and roofing applications. Its elegant lines, economic performance, and flexibility have made it a favoured choice. As its popularity has grown, it has been used in a wide range of locations, including areas with extreme wind conditions.

To ensure Heritage Tray performs consistently in New Zealand’s uniquely challenging environment, Dimond Roofing are introducing some key changes to their Heritage Tray offer. These changes are effective from 4th August 2021 and to avoid any doubt, the proposed changes are not in response to any concerns about Heritage Tray’s performance with respect to weather tightness or wind uplift performance. Dimond is confident in the performance of, and stands behind, all existing installations of Heritage Tray.

Key changes are as follows:

  • All Heritage Tray projects require Dimond’s CAD Flashing details to be used (available on the Dimond website) and each project will be reviewed by the Dimond Technical Team for suitability based on location. Please contact the team on 0800 ROOFSPEC to discuss specific project requirements.
  • Tyvek Metal vented underlay is now required to be specified with Heritage Tray in all wind zones. In Extra High or Specific Engineering Design (SED) wind zones or areas that may experience these conditions from time to time, Heritage Tray will now require the specification of an additional plywood substrate and Tyvek Metal underlay, subject to review by Dimond (via the Technical Team) on a case by case basis. The Dimond Eurotray range of products may also be appropriate in these applications.
  • Dimond also now requires that in all wind zones, clip fasteners are specified to be fixed to all ribs of all purlin lines (or girt/dwang lines for walling).
  • Swages are now a requirement for the Heritage Tray profile, and Dimond will no longer supply non-swaged Heritage Tray.
  • Heritage Tray will no longer be available as an option for the Tricore Insulated roof system.

Dimond appreciates these changes may inconvenience some customers and acknowledge they have introduced additional costs into the Heritage Tray system. While unfortunate, they view this as necessary to ensure the products are installed and perform to the highest standards. Dimond stands behinds its products, their valued installer base and end-users. Their commitment is only possible due to the continuous development of their products and systems.

The technical literature has been updated, please visit the Heritage Tray page. Please note, Dimond cannot be responsible for the performance of their products (including Heritage Tray) when their details and/or installation instructions have not been followed.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the technical team on 0800 ROOFSPEC (0800 766 377) or

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