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Transforming Commercial Spaces: Dimond Roofing's BB900 Wall Cladding Profile at Winstone Wallboards' GIB Factory

A new chapter in New Zealand's construction industry unfolds in Tauriko, where Winstone Wallboards' new GIB Factory has taken shape. Commencing its journey in January 2021 on a site more than twice the size of its predecessor in Penrose, this ambitious venture embodies a vision that transcends mere construction.

Guided by the skilled hands of Fletcher Construction, in partnership with specialised entities like Brian Perry Civil and Higgins, the GIB Factory has risen from the ground. However, this project transcends the mundane realms of construction; it embodies a spiritual connection, marked by the blessings of the local Ngai Tamarawaho and Ngāti Hangarau hapu. The sacred soil, symbolising ancestral ties, found its temporary sanctuary at Taumata School until the completion of this monumental project.

Aesthetically, the GIB Factory takes a modern spin on the classic Kiwi Shed, which has been captured through the substantial 50,000m² of DD630 roofing and BB900 wall cladding utilised throughout this project. The BB900 profile, chosen for its durability and versatility, adds contemporary style and reinforces the factory's structure. This achievement, however, is not solely about materials; it's a saga of collaboration and expertise.

Harkin Roofing's pivotal role in the GIB Factory project deserves special mention. Their dedication to precision, durability, and visual appeal shines in the factory's roof. Winning the Commercial Roof of The Year award at the RANZ Roofing Awards 2023 cements their position as roofing industry leaders and emphasises the significance of recognising innovators.

Moreover, this venture embodies sustainability. It's in the reduced carbon footprint, the advanced recycling capabilities, and the incorporation of global innovations in plasterboard manufacturing technology. This focus on eco-conscious practices defines the ethos of Winstone Wallboards' GIB Factory, setting new benchmarks for future construction endeavours.

As the GIB Factory nears completion, it stands not just as a structure, but as a testament to vision, collaboration, and expertise. It signifies the endless possibilities when innovative materials like Dimond Roofing's BB900 cladding meet the skilful hands of installers like Harkin Roofing. Together, they've created more than a building; they've crafted a legacy of architectural magnificence and sustainable progress.

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Transforming Commercial Spaces: Dimond Roofing's BB900 Wall Cladding Profile at Winstone Wallboards' GIB Factory
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