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Dimond Styleline

Styleline has been specifically designed to produce contrasts of light and shade. Its stylish shape and the way it plays with light reflection adds a contemporary look.

Perfectly suited for lower pitch roofs, Styleline effectively utilises a combination of modern technology with high strength steel to produce a profile resistant to impact damage with excellent spanning capabilities.  This stems from Styleline’s swage, which helps to emphasise the robustness and practicality of the profile.  

The Styleline profile is also available in Dimond's range of natural lighting products meaning a choice of Styleline can help brighten both the exterior and the interior of commercial buildings.

Key Features
  • Cover: 755mm
  • Sheet Width: 810mm
  • High rib, with 5 ribs per sheet
NZ Made
NZ Made
Scope of Use

Minimum Pitch: 3 degrees (approx. 1:20)

Dimond long run metal roofing and cladding is intended for use in constructing the building envelope for commercial buildings and residential buildings subject to the limitations listed below.

Attention to the following details is required to ensure the expected system performance is achieved:

  • The selection of the type and grade of sheeting material and fasteners must be based on the life expectancy required and the severity of the external and internal environments
  • Correct choice of breather type or vapour barrier underlay to suit the building environment
  • Site storage that keeps product dry and protected from damage
  • Sheeting handling that prevents surface damage
  • Avoidance of excessive spans or insufficient fasteners for the expected loads
  • Correct placement and flashing of penetrations through the roof
  • Correct layout and installation of the sheeting, underlay and netting
  • Allowance for thermal expansion and contraction
  • Sufficient roof pitch to permit complete surface water drainage
  • Control of allowable contact with dissimilar materials
  • Awareness and implementation of maintenance requirements, particularly for surfaces not washed by natural rainfall
  • Correct choice of material for collection of drinking water from a Zincalume or colour finished roof is required
Limitations on Use

If the need arises to use Dimond long run roofing & cladding outside the limitations and procedures given in the Performance Statements or other referenced literature, or if any doubt exists on product handling or use, written approval for use must be obtained from Dimond before the project commences.

3° Minimum Roof Pitch Required
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Test information available from Pacific Coilcoaters and BHP NZ Steel, and past history of use of long run metal roofing and cladding products in New Zealand indicate that, provided the product use and maintenance is in line with the guidelines contained in the current literature referenced, Dimond long run metal roofing & wall cladding systems can be expected to meet the performance criteria in clause B2 and E2 of the New Zealand Building Code, for a period of not less than 15 years.

In-Service History

Dimond is New Zealand's largest manufacturer of steel roofing, cladding, structural and rainwater goods.

For over forty years Dimond has been an industry leader in innovation, product development, technical backup and distribution excellence.

Other Performance Attributes

Span Capacity

Roofing Span Capacity
Thickness  End span  Internal span
0.40mm 1.00m* 1.60m*
0.55mm 1.50m* 2.20m*

*To suit ultimate wind loads up to 1.5 kPa

Cladding Span Capacity
Thickness  End span  Internal span
0.40mm 1.60m 2.40m
0.55mm 2.00m* 3.00m*

*To suit ultimate wind loads up to 2.0 kPa

B2 Durability compliant
E2 External Moisture compliant
External Moisture
Product Technical Statement
Dimond Roofing & Cladding Technical Manual
Span Tables
Environmental Information
Specification Clause (Masterspec)
Installation and Operation
Dimond Homeowners Brochure
Colour Range
Additional Information

Dimond Roofing are a manufacturer of steel roofing, cladding and rainwater products.

Product Enquiries

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