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Introducing Pink Superbatts: A New Single-Layer Solution for Achieving R7.0

To support the industry with meeting the new H1 Building Code requirements, Comfortech has introduced a new product range, Pink Superbatts insulation. To bridge thermal gaps and maximise thermal performance, the Pink Superbatts insulation range is specifically designed for the 5th Edition of H1 and are manufactured wider than standard Pink Batts insulation.

Developed in partnership with the local industry and installation network, the Pink Superbatts have been tried and tested right here in New Zealand to ensure a quality product for our New Zealand environment — the best fit and performance for your build.

Comfortech Single Layer Solution

To address concerns around thermal bridging and heat loss between segments in ceilings, Comfortech have developed the new extra-wide Pink Superbatts insulation. At 460mm wide, rather than the traditional 432mm, Pink Superbatts ensures a tight fit over and around the truss chords, with optional on-site notching to fully eliminate air gaps and prevent airflow around structural members.

Pink Superbatts is available as an R7.0 for compliance via the H1 Acceptable Solutions Schedule method. Other R-values are also available for compliance via the Calculation and Modelling methods; these include Pink SuperBatts insulation R4.5, R5.0 and R6.0.

Comfortech Double Layer Solution

In developing their two-layer solution, Comfortech knew they needed a denser first layer to ensure the expected thermal performance was still delivered under the compression of the second layer, as two layers of R3.6 would not deliver an R7.2 once compression was factored in.

Further to this, while typical truss bottom chords are 90mm or 140mm in height, Comfortech identified that they needed to also account for the fact that metal ceiling battens are hung below the truss chords and not fixed directly to them.

Comfortech has therefore developed their two-layer solution, with a high-density first layer of Pink Batts insulation R2.6 at 110mm thickness for 90mm truss chord, and a high-density Pink Batts R3.0 at 160mm thickness for 140mm truss chords. The extra 20mm thickness ensures that the top of the first insulation layer aligns with the top of the truss chord and, when the second layer is laid over, that there are no pockets or paths for heat flow/loss that would reduce the effective performance.

Comfortech is committed to supporting the industry by providing the best H1 insulation solutions and regular, up-to-date information on how to navigate these changes. With that in mind, the Comfortech team has created the ‘H1 Hub’, a go-to source for all H1 information, residential and commercial solutions, tools, advice, and downloadable resources.

The introduction of the H1 Building Code changes also supports Comfortech’s goal of creating a more sustainable and comfortable future for all New Zealanders, enabling Kiwis to live and work in warmer, healthier and more energy-efficient buildings.

To learn more about the H1 changes and Comfortech’s insulation solutions visit

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