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Maximise Protection from the Elements with Ecoply Barrier

Architects, designers, specifiers and builders are all committed to building excellence. They are demanding more efficient buildings without compromising high standards of product performance. The Ecoply Barrier rigid air barrier system has been developed to meet these challenges and is also suitable for use as part of a prefabricated solution where the removal of nogs, if not required for cladding, can present a more energy-efficient insulation system.

Ecoply Barrier is a BRANZ appraised system manufactured by Carter Holt Harvey Plywood (CHH Ply). The Ecoply Barrier system is a rigid air barrier for use with drained and vented cavity systems outside the building frame. It replaces traditional building wrap in the cavity and provides a strong secondary line of defence against moisture penetration into the building envelope as well as providing bracing to the structure, if and as required.

The Ecoply Barrier system has a two-step application; fasten the panels during the prefabrication process to the frame, and then apply the diffusion open, self-adhesive tapes to the seams either during prefabrication or alternatively when the prefabrication unit is on site, depending on the project's requirements.

Ecoply Barrier panels are manufactured from H3.2 CCA treated 7mm thick structural plywood, with a factory applied low VOC powdercoat film that has been formulated for use on Ecoply Barrier plywood panels. The powdercoat finish wraps around the edges to maximise protection and when used in conjunction with the Ecoply Barrier tape range, provides a weathertight seal around penetrations. The panels, coating and tapes are engineered to allow the wall system to breathe and dry out effectively.

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