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Blum Offer Handy Solutions for Kitchen Storage Optimisation

Austrian hardware manufacturer Blum is a specialist in the design and production of hinges, lifts and drawer systems for all areas of the home, especially in the kitchen. Blum's innovative and award-winning range of products and storage solutions are focused around the kitchen user and their requirements.

Blum has been investigating the needs of kitchen users for many years now (from all around the globe). As a result, it has long recognised the fact that everyone has differing storage requirements. These are dependent on the shopping and cooking habits of the individual, the size of the household and the size of the kitchen itself.

One of the most important goals of kitchen design is to make the most of the available space. Specifying drawers with greater depth and high, closed in side-panels is an easy way to capture more of the space available within a cabinet, without changing the design or configuration of the space. Opting for a drawer with high, closed in sides for example, captures up to 55% more useable storage space compared with regular drawers. Blum's drawer runners only require a void of a few millimetres at the rear to fit them, making them an easy choice to opt for.

Another way to optimise space in a kitchen is by utilising areas that would otherwise go unused. Options for doing this include Blum's sink drawers that wrap around the sink bowl, or Space Corner drawers that bring contents stored in the back of the cabinet out to the user, and not the other way around.

Narrow cabinets are great next to the cooktop to store items like spices and cooking oils, so they're on hand where needed.

For food storage, the Space Tower pantry offers numerous options for differing storage and space requirements. There are no modular or fixed widths, instead the Space Tower pantry can be customised in any width from 275mm to 1200mm. There are also options for drawer depths and height, so every inch of space can be utilised for food storage. This is perfect for compact kitchens or the larger family home.

All of Blum's latest innovations can be viewed online or at one of their inspirational showrooms in either Christchurch or Auckland.

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