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CoralTread Matting Harnesses Student-Power to Keep Unipol Clean

It's well known that CoralTread entrance matting systems remove up to 86% of dirt and moisture which might otherwise be trampled into a building. Unipol had something even bigger in mind when they chose to carpet their entire lobby with this utilitarian surface.

Unipol, at the University of Otago, is a dedicated sports facility which houses classrooms, specialist labs, and sports arenas. Keeping it dust-free is paramount not only to the health of its occupants, but also to their safety.

Recognising that people usually only enter the building once, but walk through the lobby many times while changing classes, Unipol took the unusual step of installing the CoralTread matting system throughout the lobby. Apart from the visual impact of this flooring surface, where the pinstripe complements the wooden slats wrapping around the mezzanine and adorns many of the ground floor walls, this extended matting system works throughout the day collecting dust and moisture off the shoes of the students as they change classes.

So CoralTread not only prevents outside contaminants being trampled into the building, it also harnesses the power of foot traffic to trample dirt and dust from the classrooms back out to the lobby where the CoralTread matting system removes it, resulting in a sparkling clean and dust-free working environment all day long.

At best, most facilities get a thorough scrub once a day, which means dust is accumulating and the air becoming more toxic as the day progresses. But Unipol is being scrubbed every time someone changes class. That's a first for NZ, and probably the only time in history that students have cleaned up after themselves without the slightest whisper of a complaint.

CoralTread is manufactured and installed by Advance Flooring Systems, a leading supplier of innovative commercial flooring and entrance matting systems, servicing Australia and the Pacific.

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