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3M Fire Barrier Products

The construction industry is increasingly moving toward easy-to-use firestop solutions. That’s why 3M, in its leadership role, provides cutting-edge and fully integrated systems. These systems are designed to help you efficiently construct safer buildings that help protect lives and property.

Comprehensive fire protection includes fire detection, fire containment and fire suppression.

3M Fire Protection Products address fire containment and are an integral part of a well-designed fire-protection system. 3M's understanding of the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases helps the company continue to create preventative and affordable firstopping solutions.

From time-tested fire barrier sealants to today’s innovative fire-stop devices and duct wraps, 3M scientists work to develop solutions to fire-stop virtually anything on a building site.

The following 3M Fire Barrier products have been tested in accordance with AS1530.4:

  • 3M Fire Barrier CP-25WB Sealant: 3M's most popular sealant, approved up to four hours.
  • 3M Fire Barrier IC-15WB+ Sealant: Affordable general-purpose sealant approved up to two hours.
  • 3M Fire Barrier Mortar: slightly expands (intumesces) to help protect against the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases. Provides up to three-hour integrity rating.
  • 3M Fire Barrier Self Locking Pillows: Interlocking strips hold pillows securely together yet release easily for retrofit or reuse. Provides up to three-hour integrity rating.
  • 3M Fire Barrier Pillows: stackable and conformable fire-stop pillows for new and retrofit projects. . Provides up to 3 hour integrity rating.
  • 3M Fire Barrier Pass-Through Devices: Code-compliant devices designed for easy installation and re-enterability -- perfect for fire-stopping structures where electrical, data and communication cables pass through fire-rated doors and walls. Provides up to four-hour integrity rating. Pass-through stud and mounting brackets available.
  • 3M Fire Barrier CS-195+ Composite Sheet: Ideal for fire-stopping blank openings and through-penetrations of multiple cables and cable trays. Provides up to four-hour integrity rating.
  • 3M Fire Barrier FS-195+ Wrap/Strip: A one part, intumescent and elastomeric strip with foil on one side.
  • 3M Fire Barrier Mouldable Putty MP+ Stix and Pads: Designed to fire-stop a variety of through-penetrations, including cable, cable trays and blank openings. Provides up to four hour integrity rating.
  • 3M Fire Barrier Plastic Pipe Device: Fire-stops penetrating items such as plastic pipe and cables in new and retrofit installations. Protects PVC, PP, PE and ABS plastic pipes penetrating walls and floors. Provides up to four hours integrity rating.
  • 3M Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+: Manufactured with man-made vitreous spun fibre, which allows for low thermal transfer properties in a lightweight, low profile, easy to apply product. Used to protect grease and air ducts.
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