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6 April 2010

Optimal Paint Drying Conditions

With the change of seasons it is a good time to have a reminder around how important drying conditions are for the best performance of a coating.

We recommend that the air temperature is above 10°C when painting and during the drying time (for two hours after finishing). At this time of the year that can mean stopping work in the late afternoon. If the coating is caught with a drop of temperature, dew can form leading to a milky spotty look to the coating, loss of adhesion (bubbling), lower gloss appearance and poor film integrity (lower durability over time).  Substrates can remain very cold from an overnight low and can take a few hours to equilibriate.

Some specialist coatings have been formulated to cure at lower temperatures, such as Dulux Winterlock which can be applied at temperatures as low as 5°C.

Unfortunately we haven't been able to formulate a paint that can be applied during rain...... yet.

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