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13 December 2010

Preventing Bathroom Mould

Fungi are simple microscopic organisms, present virtually everywhere. Moulds are a problem due to their unpleasant appearance but they can also produce adverse health effects such as inflammation, allergy or infection. They can grow through paint films affecting not only the appearance but the life of the coating.

Mould growth looks like dirt and can be green, grey, brown, black or white or cottony.

To refresh a room prone to mould the following steps should be followed:

    1. Check for water damage and repair any leaks found.

    2. Remove mould before painting or it will just grow through the paint. There are many fungicidal washes on the market and most are based on sodium hypochlorite and are very effective.

    3. Paint the room with a product that has mould inhibiting properties like Dulux Wash & Wear 101 Kitchens and Bathrooms.

    4. Improve ventilation as much as possible.

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