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15 September 2011

iPad Viewer for SketchUp

Limitless Solutions' recently released SightSpace 3D app allows you to view SketchUp models on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod (Android support coming soon).

From SightSpace 3D:

SightSpace 3D enables mobile viewing of Google SketchUp designs. With Augmented Reality capabilities, it overlays digital models on the physical world. As a Google SketchUp or Google SketchUp Pro user, use SightSpace to:

  • Experience a state-of-the-art mobile Augmented Reality engine
  • View Google SketchUp models
  • Make your model mobile
Initial reviews comment that orbiting a SketchUp model with single finger, panning with two, and pinching to zoom in and out is very satisfying. Loading models onto your mobile device is easy too; the Google 3D Warehouse is integrated in the app and you can also load models through Dropbox and email.
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