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25 August 2010

Architects in the Cloud

Reading a recent article on cloud computing, it re-emphasized the importance of developments like Autodesk's Project Butterfly, and Project Bluestreak as well as challenging the traditional approach to establishing the IT infrastructure for a practise. Yes, I have had my affair with Google Docs, Xero, Project Basecamp, YousendIT and other cloud based applications, with mixed results. Xero is fantastic, but handling documents online has resulted in limited success, frustrated by the slight quirks with the interface & the lag when uploading content and transferring between documents. However the ability to version control, stimulate collaboration and theoretically store securely (warrants further discussion) gets project managers and managers in general excited.

What works for you? are you operating in the cloud or is your system locked down? What has your experience been with collaborative tools like Butterfly & Bluestreak, which looks to accelerate the bottle neck design process?

It would be great to hear some experiences from practises around the country.

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