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Allco Technical
Allco Technical
on Exterior Waterproofing
Product Specialist

The Allco technical team are experts on waterproofing solutions for both below ground and roofing areas. They offer independent advice and technical knowledge based on over 20 years of practical experience.

28 September 2018

Property Line Wall Substrate Preparation

Below-grade shoring wall construction often proves to be difficult to obtain and maintain along the project site perimeter. 

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23 August 2018

Testing Water Before Installing Membrane Systems

A detailed discussion of the water/soil compatibility test and its importance in the design of any below-grade waterproofing system.

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19 July 2018

Backfilling Bentonite Membranes

This month I look at the provision of containment pressure to maintain the effectiveness of bentonite tanking membranes under both static and seismic conditions. 

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21 June 2018

Time to Talk Tanking in the Wet

Mitigating the risk of over-hydration is key to the success of a bentonite membrane — especially in wet conditions. 

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