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Allco Technical
Allco Technical
on Exterior Waterproofing
Product Specialist

The Allco technical team are experts on waterproofing solutions for both below ground and roofing areas. They offer independent advice and technical knowledge based on over 20 years of practical experience.

22 April 2024

Collecting Drinking Water from Roofs in Five Steps

In New Zealand, approximately 10% of the population relies on rainwater collected from roofs for their daily water needs. There are also an increasing number of projects looking for sustainable and cost-effective solutions to harvest rainwater as a reliable source for drinking water. The key to ensuring the safety and quality of water lies in proper collection, storage, adherence to regulatory standards, and the crucial step of effective filtration.

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28 August 2023

Belowground Waterproofing and Producer Statement Certificates

A look at the different types of producers statements and how these relate to belowground waterproofing.

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26 June 2023

Intense Rain Events, Project Design and Water Control Post-Construction

In light of the recent surge in intense rain events, which were once considered rare but are now becoming more frequent, it has become imperative to address the design considerations for below-ground structures.

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27 September 2022

How to Avoid Weeping Walls on Your Next Project

Preventing groundwater finding its way into your basement structure starts at the planning and designing stages of the project. Here is what you need to know to avoid this hard to fix problem.

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27 September 2021

Time to Test the Water for Waterproofing

This technical reference provides a detailed discussion of the water/soil compatibility test and its importance in the design of any below-grade waterproofing system.

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24 May 2021

Getting Your Tanking Waterproofing Right, The First Time

Designing, planning and selecting the right membrane for the conditions of your site are key factors to achieve watertightness on tanking jobs.

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21 September 2020

Controlling Water When Tanking for Hydrostatic Conditions

Common problems with tanking basements that will have no drainage (hydrostatic) once the building is complete can be mitigated by implementing well-planned dewatering techniques during construction. 

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26 August 2019

Using Waterproofing Membranes as Ground Vapour Barriers

We are often asked whether waterproofing membranes function as vapour barriers. The answer to this question is not as straightforward as with other waterproofing membranes. 

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23 May 2019

Below-Ground Structural Design for Tanking

Continuing from my previous blog and the question of design, I look at considerations for ensuring an effective waterproofing solution. 

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18 October 2018

Bentonite Waterproofing and Wet/Dry Cycling

There is no aspect of bentonite waterproofing that is as misunderstood as how it responds to wet/dry cycling.

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