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VTough Toughened Glass

Whenever the benefits of ordinary glass need to be combined with extra strength, safety or heat resistance, Viridian VTough toughened glass offers a complete and proven solution, allowing designers and specifiers greater scope with glass for building.

VTough toughened glass is a Grade A safety glass manufactured to AS/NZS2208 for use in buildings or AS/NZS2080 safety glass for land vehicles. It is manufactured by heating and then rapidly cooling float glass. As a result, opposing compressive and tensile stresses are set up in the glass, which gives toughened glass four to five times more strength than ordinary glass of the same thickness, combined with much greater resistance to impact. In the unlikely event of breakage, the glass forms small granules. VTough toughened glass cannot be cut or edgework processed after manufacture.

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Viridian Glass is a provider of residential and commercial glass in New Zealand.

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