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Suspended Concrete Flooring

Speedfloor is a suspended concrete floor system using a cold formed steel joist as an integral part of the final concrete and steel composite floor. The Speedfloor suspended concrete floor system combines the properties of the concrete and steel to their best advantage. The steel joist depth and the concrete thickness are varied depending on the required span, imposed loads and other functional considerations. Quick and easy to install with un-propped spans up to 8.5m, Speedfloor's suspended concrete floor system reduces structural support by increasing beam spacing resulting in a reduction in time and materials. Speedfloor uses less concrete and less steel for any given span, making it a wise economic and environmental choice when designing buildings.

Key Features
  • The Speedfloor system requires no propping
  • Speedfloor slabs are generally 100mm thick, reducing weight which provides savings throughout the structure
  • The lightweight joist are able to be manually positioned requiring less cranage
  • Services can pass through the pre-punched holes in the joist
  • Acoustic performance meets Building Code design criteria
  • Fire rated solutions are available and simple to apply
Categories / Ranges
Steel Concrete Construction
Scope of Use

The Speedfloor concrete floor system is suitable for all types of construction including:

  • Steel structures
  • Masonry buildings
  • Concrete poured in-situ walls & beams
  • Pre-cast concrete panels
  • ICF 
  • Timber framed construction
  • Cold-formed steel frame construction
Limitations on Use

Speedfloor should be used within the scope of the Load v Span calculator and design parameters set out in project specific Producer Statements issued by a Structural Engineer.

Speedfloor is not suitable for use as a transfer floor or for cantilevered slab edge over 300mm (running parallel to the joist). See drawing SD8 for minimum slab distance required.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

The Speedfloor Suspended Concrete Floor system meets Building Code Clauses B1 and B2 when used in accordance with the manufacturer's specification and project specific Producer Statements.

The Speedfloor Suspended Concrete Floor system is designed to comply with the following NZS and AS/NZS Standards to meet the requirements set out in the Building Code.

  • NZS 3404:Part 1 & 2
  • AS/NZS 4600
  • AS 1397
  • AS 2327 Part 0 & 1 
In-Service History

The Speedfloor Suspended Concrete Floor System was designed and developed in New Zealand over 17 years ago. Since that time it has been used extensively throughout the country in numerous building applications including commercial mezzanines and mid floors, multi-level carparks, multi-level residential towers and single dwelling residential homes. The New Zealand office operates as the technical support base for global manufacturing partners operating in Australia, India, the United States and Europe.

Other Performance Attributes

The suspended concrete floor system can be fire rating using gypsum board systems, protective coatings or SPM (Slab Panel Method) as stated in the Slab Panel Method Product Manual.

The SPM method was designed and tested by HERA (Heavy Engineering Research Association), SCNZ and Auckland University. The SPM slab design forms part of Speedfloor's Producer Statements for every project using this system.

B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
Acoustic Report
Slab Panel Method
Span Tables
Suspended Concrete Floor System - Product Manual
Independent Appraisal (BRANZ)
Test Results
Maintenance Instructions
CAD/PDF Details
Standard Shoe Detail


50mm Step in Slab - Perpendicular to Joist


Carpark Loadings


Extended Shoe Detail


Steel Beam Support - Internal & External


Masonary Wall Support - Internal & External

SD3, SD4

Concrete Beam Support


Timber Wall Support


Steel Wall Support


Steel Angle Support


Minimum Edge Detail


50mm Step in Slab


Speedfloor systems save time and money by providing efficient engineered suspended floor solutions.

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