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Make Speedfloor the Foundation of Medium Density Housing Project Designs

Speedfloor systems provide the structural performance required for the growing demand for Medium Density Housing projects throughout New Zealand. Reduced lead times with no supply issues and made-to-order solutions are all part of the service offered.

Versatile design

The Speedfloor Suspended Concrete Flooring system is ideal for spans up to 8.5 meters with slabs from 90mm to 150mm deep. The concrete composite floor is integrated with cold-formed 3mm steel joists which are simply supported with pre-fitted shear connectors allowing for practical design and construction methods to be applied.

A well-known group home builder turned to Speedfloor when they built nine three-level terraced apartments at Hobsonville Point. The Suspended Concrete Flooring was the ideal choice for the simple and effective design. The suspended floor could span from one pre-cast wall to another without propping. Work on installing the services could begin almost immediately after the concrete pour.

Lightweight and strong alternative

The Speedfloor Steel Joist System is a lightweight cold formed steel alternative to traditional timber joist. The system features architecturally dimensioned sections for the New Zealand market that comply for use within timber structures designed using NZS 3604.

No supply issues

Speedfloor helped another home builder who had initially followed a traditional approach to their design but were left in the lurch when the supply of timber joists dried up while their project was in progress. They approached Speedfloor on a Monday, got the engineer to switch the design to steel joists, which were delivered to them by Friday.

This is good news for all builders. The supply chains and material stocks for Speedfloor’s products and systems are readily available and in stock, eliminating supply chain issues that are currently being experienced throughout New Zealand

Made in New Zealand

Speedfloor systems utilise modern construction design methods and high-capacity production lines which deliver the outcomes that developers and asset owners are demanding in today’s construction market. Locally sourced, designed and manufactured, Speedfloor systems are delivered NZ-wide

Find out more

If you would like to find out more and see if Speedfloor’s Suspended Concrete Flooring or Steel Joist System would be right for your project, you can contact them here, or visit their website.

View more information on Speedfloor Ltd, including contact details.
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