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Tracklok Flat

The need to allow for large amounts of vertical deflection, very high plenum heights and intense services has led to the engineered solution Tracklok Flat. Utilising the strength of the Tracklok design and the ability to brace one wall off another, Tracklok Flat is an innovative solution. Ensuring seismic separation, providing ceiling clearance and featuring unique adjustability to clear troffer lights and services — Tracklok Flat is an elegant, yet robust solution.

Key Features
  • Unique design allows for unlimited vertical deflection
  • Unit mitigates service clashes
  • Unique design mitigates the need to account for inter story drift
  • Tested with head track and full wall construction to provide confidence
  • Provides seismic separation, preserving ceiling warranty
  • Preserves ceiling warranty, ensuring validity of installers PS3
  • Tested under ULS and SLS loads to ensure longevity of performance
  • Applicable to all seismic zones and all seismic loads
  • Patented low profile connection bolt allows for glazing clearance
  • Height adjustment of unit allows clearance from troffer lights and services
  • Tracklok Flat can be retroactively installed with Retro fitting
  • Tracklok Flat can brace timber framed walls with Timba fitting.
  • Allows for 64mm and 92mm boxed bracing to be used reducing waste on site
Scope of Use
  • For interior application only.
  • Must be installed in accordance with manufacturer's specification and within the parameters of AS/NZS1170.
  • Specification sheets cover standard partitioning requirements; construction outside of available specification sheet information will require consultation and approval.
  • Architect and / or structural engineer and relevant regulatory bodies must approve variations of installation. 
  • Head track must be continuous, including partition to glazing junctions and door junctions. Head and bottom track must be screwed off top and bottom.
  • Designed to secure standard steel, aluminium and timber partition walls and glazed walls
Limitations on Use
  • Not applicable for supporting walls constructed from concrete, tilt slab or block.
  • Bracing material must be fixed with 10-gauge drill point wafer head tech screws.
  • Steel bracing material must be 64mm .50 - .55 BMT or 92mm .50 - .55 BMT.
  • Structural engineer and regulatory body must seismically approve configurations outside of specifications.
  • The unit and or bracing material must not be used as an anchor point or fixing point by associated trades. 
  • Use of this product does not increase the seismic load capacity of installed ceiling grid.
  • The unit must not be deformed or altered in any way.
  • Tenancy changes requiring walls to be moved require new units to be installed.
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Complies to and provides compliance with AS/NZS 1170.5 and AS/NZS 4219
  • Provides compliance with NZ Building Code:
    • Clause B1 — Structure
    • Clause B2 — Durability
    • Clause F2 — Hazardous Building Materials
  • Contributes to compliance with NZ Building Code:
    • Clause F6 — Visibility in Escape Routes
    • Clause D1 — Access Routes
  • Tracklok installation specifications were developed to perform under the seismic loads for parts specified in NZS 1170.5 Section 8, as referenced by B1/VM1 of the NZBC
In-Service History

Tracklok Flat has been extensively used throughout New Zealand for over three years. From the rebuild of Christchurch, to updating Wellington's building stock and in the building boom in Auckland's commercial sector.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Provides for unlimited vertical deflection allowance
  • Adjustment to height helps avoid service clashes
  • Separates wall system from ceiling system
  • Preserves ceiling manufacturers warranty
  • Allows ceiling installer to provide PS3
  • Can be used as part of an engineer's specific design
  • Screw off head track and structurally glaze in cases of vertical deflection
B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
Data Sheet
CAD/PDF Details
Tracklok Flat Assembly Detail

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