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Gyprock Standard 6mm Round - Perforated Plasterboard

Gyprock Standard 6mm Round is the original board in the Potter Interior Systems Perforated Plasterboard range. Its traditional perforated pattern has been extensively used throughout Australia for many years.

All boards in the Potter Perforated Plasterboard range have been designed for use on ceilings and walls where an increased level of sound attenuation and a high level of aesthetic appeal is required.

The panel perforations, together with insulation, where used, reduce echo and noise reverberation to create more comfortable environments for work and leisure. Standard 6mm Round provides an economical aesthetic solution for ceilings or walls and acoustic performance is adequate for most situations where moderate levels of attenuation are required.

This product is supplied without an acoustic fabric backing, however installers may use a third party acoustic fabric to provide far levels of acoustic performance if required.

Gyprock Standard 6mm Round is manufactured in Australia to Australian Standard AS2588 and the heavy-duty face paper is a buff colour.

Key Features
  • Standard 6mm Round is supplied as a 13mm thick sheet, 1200mm wide and 3600mm long.
  • Gyprock Standard 6mm Round features six large rectangular groupings per sheet, each with 2,100 x 6mm diameter perforations at 15mm centres to provide an open area of 8.3%. The long edges of the panels are recessed for flush jointing to a smooth, continuous surface.
Scope of Use
  • High traffic areas ceilings in public buildings
  • Library ceilings
  • Theatre and auditorium ceilings and upper walls
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Plasterboard Manufacture:

  • Gyprock Perforated Plasterboard is manufactured to AS/NZS2588 Gypsum Plasterboard.

Plasterboard Installation AS/NZS2589:

  • Gypsum linings – Application and Finishing outlines the procedures for the installation and finishing of Gyprock Perforated Plasterboard in conjunction with additional details contained in Gyprock Technical Literature.
Other Performance Attributes

Levels of Finish

  • A Level of Finish sets out the minimum specifications for installation processes from framing preparation to painting and decoration.
  • The levels are defined in AS/NZS 2589.1, and are intended to provide builders, installers and homeowners with defined methods and practices necessary to meet expectations in terms of the Level of Finish. They are not applicable to fire rated construction.
  • The Level of Finish should be specified prior to construction as it can be affected at different stages of construction and tolerances must be adhered to: Frame construction, Plasterboard fixing and back-blocking, Plasterboard jointing and setting.
  • A Level 3 Finish is for areas that do not require painting and decoration such as above ceilings and inside service shafts.
  • A Level 4 Finish is the generally accepted level for domestic construction.
  • A level 5 Finish should be specified wherever gloss, semi-gloss or dark-coloured paints are to be used, or where critical glancing light conditions are likely. More information on Levels of Finish can be found in the Gyprock Residential Installation Guide

Painting and decoration finishes applied to plasterboard surfaces can have a significant effect on the perceived quality of the installation, particularly where critical lighting conditions exist:

  • Textured or heavy patterned finishes tend to hide imperfections
  • Matte finishes minimise imperfection visibility
  • Semi-gloss and gloss finishes highlight imperfections
  • Light colours are less likely to show imperfections and impact damage

Gyprock recommends paint systems consisting of one coat of a plasterboard sealer followed by two coats of finishing paint. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and recoating.

Data Sheet
Potter Interior Systems - Perforated Plasterboard Range Brochure

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