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Residential Bi-Fold Windows
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The FIRST bi-fold system is bottom-rolling with an in-frame track for direct window support and assured weight carrying. Panels have square-cut corners for optimum strength and aesthetics.

A wide range of configurations are available including 'lay-back' arrangements in 2-panel formats that allow the bi-folds to swing back against adjoining walls for the clearing of decks. A brush seal at the frame head protects against the entry of rainwater.

Key Features
  • For mainstream residential use
  • Ideal for wide openings
  • A wide range of configurations available
  • Flat-face frame for clean aesthetics
  • An in-frame track provide optimum panel support
  • For uncluttered decks a 'lay-back' option allows panels to fold back against adjoining walls (available in 2-panel and 2+2 formats)
  • Square cut panel corners for improved aesthetics
  • Bi-fold handle fixes panel at top and bottom
Scope of Use
  • Suitable for broad residential use
  • A good option for maximum unobstructed views and ventilation
  • Need to be used in defined maximum sizes according to the wind exposure
Limitations on Use
  • Recommended maximum 2100mm high doors in Extra High wind zones. For larger sizes consider using the Metro Series and APL Architectural Series
  • Careful consideration of bi-fold use is required when projecting on to decks or pedestrian areas (lay-back option available in this situation)
  • Consider the ease of reaching to the bi-fold handle if the window is placed beyond a bench
  • Open bi-folds need to be monitored if windy conditions occur
  • Free-swinging single panels not recommended
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Designed, tested and manufactured to meet NZS 4211: Performance of Windows, and NZS 4233:  Glazing in Buildings, Parts 1-4
  • Designed and tested to conform to NZ Building Code, including Clause E2
In-Service History
  • Extensively used in residential projects throughout New Zealand for more than 40 years with continuous design upgrades
  • Widely used by homeowners, builders, Group home builders and specifiers
Other Performance Attributes
  • Window and door warranty provided under normal conditions of use against failure of materials and workmanship for a period of five years
  • Surface finish is covered by a separate performance warranty dependent on the actual finish selected
  • A hardware/componentry warranty is offered against defects in manufacturing, functionality and surface finish for a period of five years, provided care and maintenance guidelines have been followed
E2 External Moisture compliant
External Moisture
Data Sheet
Span Tables
FIRST on Masterspec
Full Specification
Specification Clause
Specifier Guide
Declare Label


WGANZ Guide to E2/AS1

1 August 2019

First Care, Maintenance & Warranty Brochure (with AGP)


First Brochure


AGP Cleaning & Maintenance
AGP Condensation Guide
AGP Visual Quality of Glass
APL and Sustainability


Manufacturer Contact List
CAD/PDF Details
Full Set of Drawings
FIRST Residential Bi-Fold Window Two Panel


FIRST Residential Bi-Fold Window Meeting Stiles


Installation Details
FIRST Residential Bifold Window on Board and Batten


FIRST Residential Bifold Window on Brick Veneer


FIRST Residential Bifold Window on Bevelback Weatherboard


FIRST Residential Bifold Window on Flat Sheet


FIRST Residential Bifold Window on No Cladding


FIRST Residential Bifold Window on Profile Metal


FIRST Residential Bifold Window on Rusticated Weatherboard


FIRST Residential Bifold Window on Stucco


First Bifold Window

First Windows & Doors have a high-performing range of solutions for all homes and commercial projects, from entrance doors to windows, sliders, bi-folds and thermally efficient options.

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