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Elephant Wet Area Systems

Elephant Aquaboard plasterboard wall and ceiling lining is specifically designed for wet areas. 

Elephant Wet Area Systems serve as a guide only and to provide information about best practise in areas which are regarded as Wet Areas in both residential and non-residential buildings. These areas are detailed in the New Zealand Building Code Clause E3 Internal Moisture.

Key Features
  • Formulated to resist the effects of moisture and humidity
  • Elephant Aquaboard is available in 10mm thick weighing nominally 8.3 kg/m2 and 13mm thick weighing nominally 11.2 kg/m2
  • Elephant Aquaboard is manufactured with a light green paper, with tapered edges and is an ideal wall substrate for waterproof membranes, shower linings and ceramic tiles


Scope of Use

Elephant Aquaboard wall and ceiling lining is specifically designed for wet areas with intermittent water exposure and water splash areas.

  • An ideal wall substrate for waterproof membranes, shower linings and ceramic tiles
Limitations on Use

It is important that reference is made to separate publications for bracing systems, fire and noise control systems in regard to fixing and jointing requirements and recommendations.

Elephant Aquaboard must not be used in the following situations:

  • For bracing applications in or around baths and shower areas
  • In areas of high humidity (above 90% RH) or continually wet such as group shower, steam rooms, swimming pools, or chlorine type environments
  • Elephant Aquaboard must not be installed over a vapour barrier
  • Elephant Aquaboard must not be applied directly to masonry, concrete or solid plaster or other sheet lining materials. Unless timber strapping or steel furring channels are used
  • Exposed to temperatures of 52°C or greater for prolonged periods
  • Elephant Aquaboard may not be used as an external lining
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Elephant Plasterboard is manufactured to the International Standard ISO 9001 and AS/NZS 2588, and has been specifically designed to meet New Zealand and Australian Standards and Building Code requirements:

  • Clause B1 Structure: Performance B1.3.1, B1.3.2 and B1.3.4. Elephant Aquaboard Wet Area Plasterboard Systems meet the requirements for loads arising from self-weight, earthquake, wind and impact [i.e. B1.3.3 (a), (f ), (h) and (j)]. These performances relate to Aquaboard used in Elephant Plasterboard Bracing Systems. Self-weight and impact refer to the general use as a lining
  • Clause B2 Durability: Performance B2.3.1 (a) not less than 50 years, B2.3.1 (b) 15 years and B2.3.1 (c) 5 years. Elephant Aquaboard Wet Area Plasterboard Systems meet these requirements. Not less than 50 years relates to the use of Elephant Aquaboard as a Bracing System within the areas, bathrooms, kitchens and laundries not exposed to direct water. 15 years relates to the use of Elephant Aquaboard when used behind baths, showers and splash-backs, directly exposed to water. 5 years relates to the general use as a wall and ceiling lining
  • Clause E3 Internal Moisture: Performance E3.3.4, E3.3.5 and E3.3.6. Elephant Aquaboard Wet Area Plasterboard Systems meet these requirements. When installed in accordance with this Technical Literature, Elephant Aquaboard Wet Area Plasterboard Systems will provide wall surfaces adjacent to sanitary fixtures and sanitary appliances that are impervious and easily cleaned. The construction methods meet with the internal moisture requirements of the NZBC Acceptable Solution E3/AS1. To minimise internal condensation, adequate levels of ventilation and thermal resistance must be provided to all spaces where moisture may be generated
  • Clause F2 Hazardous Building Materials: Performance F2.3.2. Elephant Aquaboard Wet Area Plasterboard Systems meet this requirement and will not present a health hazard to people


In-Service History

Elephant plasterboard has been sold throughout New Zealand for over 30 years, and has been installed in thousands of residential and commercial buildings across the country.

Elephant Plasterboard has been marketed internationally since 1975 and the product has established an excellent history of performance for its use in buildings throughout New Zealand and Asia/Pacific region.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Elephant Plasterboard meets the durability requirements of the NZBC and BCA and is subject to use, installation and maintenance in accordance with the Manufacturer's instructions
  • Elephant Aquaboard has a serviceable life of at least 15 years as a fully protected shower or water splash lining, provided that all linings directly exposed to water have an approved waterproof membrane protecting the Aquaboard
  • As a general wall and ceiling lining Elephant Aquaboard will have a serviceable life in excess of 50 years. The ability of Elephant Aquaboard to remain durable is dependent on being protected and remaining dry in service, and being maintained

Elephant Plasterboard Product & System Warranty

Elephant Plasterboard wall and ceiling linings are supported by Elephant Plasterboard’s Quality Guarantee. This Warranty covers Elephant Plasterboard products and/or systems for a minimum of 10 years from the date of the purchase.

Elephant Plasterboard supplies products which are warranted to be free from defects. Any products found to be defective before or after installation will be replaced and/or repaired, provided installation has been in accordance with Elephant Plasterboard’s technical literature.

Elephant Plasterboard Wet Area Systems Manual


Elephant Installation Guide


Elephant Plasterboard Product Range

Elephant Plasterboard is a New Zealand owned company that for 30 years has been providing quality plasterboard and design solutions for the New Zealand building industry.

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