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Elephant QuickBrace Systems

Elephant Plasterboard QuickBrace Systems offer some unique design solutions to the New Zealand Building Industry to satisfy the bracing requirements of the New Zealand Standard NZS 3604:2011 timber framed buildings. The published bracing ratings have been obtained by conducting extensive bracing tests on Elephant Plasterboard, independent testing and opinions sourced from New Zealand organisations with accredited quality assurance.


Key Features

Elephant QuickBrace:

  • Comprehensive range of Bracing systems that provide efficient and low cost solutions for designers and builders
  • NZS 3604:2011 compliant

Elephant Regular Fixing:

  • Elephant Regular fixing allows for normal internal/external walls to contribute to bracing resistance, when fixed regularly as per Elephant Installation Guide.
  • Regular fixing systems significantly reduces the number of screw fixing, resulting in a better overall finish and significantly speeds up construction
  • ER1 and ER2 elements do not have to be specifically checked off in a post-line inspection

Elephant QuickBrace Software:

  • Elephant Quickbrace software simplifies the bracing design calculations, its enhanced features will assist designers and engineers, to not only comply to the rules of NZS 3604:2011 but also assist in good design and construction
Scope of Use

Elephant QuickBrace systems and the Elephant Regular Fixing option are used to satisfy the requirements of NZS 3604:2011 to provide resistance to wind and earthquake forces.

Limitations on Use
  • Must be designed and installed in accordance with the Elephant Plasterboard Technical Manual(s)
  • Elephant Plasterboard is intended for normal conditions of dry internal use
  • Elephant Plasterboard must not be exposed to liquid water or be installed in situations where extended exposures to humidity above 90% Relative Humidity are to be expected. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundries should have adequate ventilation or heating to avoid condensation build-up
  • A suitable surface finish (e.g. vinyl wallpaper, gloss or semi-gloss alkyd paints) must be applied to Elephant Plasterboard in all areas where liquid water or high humidity can be expected
  • Elephant Plasterboard must not be installed over a vapour barrier
  • Elephant Plasterboard must not be applied directly to masonry, concrete or solid plaster, unless timber strapping or steel furring channels are used
  • Elephant Plasterboard must not be exposed to temperatures of 52°C or greater for prolonged periods
  • Elephant Plasterboard may not be used as an external lining
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Elephant Plasterboard is manufactured to AS/NZS 2588 and has been specifically formulated to meet New Zealand Building Code requirements:

  • NZBC Clause B1 Structure: Framing material specifications used with Elephant Plasterboard Systems must be in accordance with the performance requirements of NZBC Clause B1. Timber framed walls and floors must be installed and meet the requirements of NZS 3604
  • NZBC Clause B2 Durability: Elephant Plasterboard Fire, Noise Control, and Bracing Systems have a serviceable life of not less than 50 years and so is in accordance to NZBC B2.3.1
  • NZBC Clause F2 Hazardous Building Materials: Elephant Plasterboard Systems meet this requirement of NZBC Clause F2 and will not present a health hazard to people


In-Service History

Elephant plasterboard has been sold throughout New Zealand for over 30 years, and has been installed in thousands of residential and commercial buildings across the country.

Other Performance Attributes

Elephant Plasterboard Product & System Warranty

Elephant Plasterboard wall and ceiling linings are supported by Elephant Plasterboard’s Quality Guarantee. This Warranty covers Elephant Plasterboard products and or systems for a minimum of 10 years from the date of the purchase.

Elephant Plasterboard supplies products which are warranted to be free from defects. Any products found to be defective before or after installation will be replaced and/or repaired, provided installation has been in accordance with Elephant Plasterboard’s technical literature.

Elephant Plasterboard QuickBrace Systems Manual


Bracing Calculator: Elephant QuickBrace Software


Regular Fixing Bracing System
Steel Stud Bracing System
Elephant Installation Guide


Elephant Plasterboard Product Range

Elephant Plasterboard is a New Zealand owned company that for 30 years has been providing quality plasterboard and design solutions for the New Zealand building industry.

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