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Armstrong Metalworks VP-500 Acoustic Baffle

Armstrong MetalWorks VP-500 acoustic baffle offer a linear visual solution to an array of interior spaces.

Available as a standard 150mm x 30mm x 3600mm module, the perforated baffle offers all of the benefit of traditional fibre glass solutions, while adding durability, easy installation and being fully demountable.


Key Features
  • Modern linear appearance
  • Flexible sizes and configurations
  • Highly customisable options and finishes
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Robust, engineered system
  • Quick and easy to install
Scope of Use

Suitable for use in open spaces that are acoustically challenged, or as a plenum mask where continuous service access is required

Typical applications:

  • Airports, and bus or train stations
  • Retail spaces
  • Educational facilities, lecture theatres, and libraries
  • Atriums, lobbies and reception areas
  • Leisure centres


Other Performance Attributes
  • Sound Absorption EN ISO 354 & EN ISO 11654
  • NRC 0.55
  • Up to 65% light reflectance
  • RH 99%
  • Washable, scrubbable, soil and scratch resistant
Data Sheet
Installation and Operation

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