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Klima Series Awning Window
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Klima is an innovative range of uPVC windows and doors optimised for New Zealand conditions. Based on the German Kommerling 76mm Series, Klima features thick profiles for thermal insulation and hidden steel reinforcing to ensure shape stability and structural excellence. Klima windows and doors are made from a highly durable, 'hot country' uPVC — an environmentally-friendly, lead-free formulation.

Klima's product range comprises sliding, hinged and French doors and awning, casement and sliding windows. A tilt-n-turn window with inward opening casement/hopper sash is also offered.

Klima is rated to the maximum 6 energy stars under WEERS when used with Low-E double glazing.

Key Features
  • Based on the German Kömmerling uPVC 76mm Series with thick profiles for maximum thermal insulation
  • Optimised for New Zealand conditions
  • Hidden steel reinforcing is included in all uPVC profiles to ensure shape stability and structural excellence
  • Standard outward opening windows available as well as a tilt-and-turn window with inward opening casement and hopper window feature
  • Available as standard in white but can also be supplied with other exterior colours using the 'AluClip' system where an exterior aluminium facing is used
Energy Star
Energy Star
Scope of Use
  • Suitable for most residential environments
  • Awning windows and inward opening hopper windows provide versatile ventilation with a good degree of weather protection
  • Need to be used in defined maximum sizes according to the wind exposure
Limitations on Use
  • Care needed if projecting on to walkways and decks
  • Inward opening casement windows need favourable weather conditions in the open position
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Designed, tested and manufactured to meet NZS 4211: Performance of Windows, and NZS 4233:  Glazing in Buildings, Parts 1-4
  • Designed and tested to conform to NZ Building Code, including Clause E2
In-Service History
  • Launched in 2017
  • Widely used by homeowners, builders and specifiers
Other Performance Attributes
  • Window and door warranty provided under normal conditions of use against failure of materials and workmanship for a period of five years
  • Klima product conforms to the NZ Building Code, including clause B2. The AluClip surface finish is covered by a separate performance warranty dependent on the actual finish selected
  • A hardware/componentry warranty is offered against defects in manufacturing, functionality and surface finish for a period of five years, provided care and maintenance guidelines have been followed
B2 Durability compliant
E2 External Moisture compliant
External Moisture
Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Span Tables
Altherm on Masterspec
Specifier Guide
WGANZ Guide to E2/AS1
Altherm Care, Maintenance & Warranty Brochure (with AGP)


Altherm Design Brochure


Klima Series Brochure


AGP Cleaning & Maintenance
AGP Condensation Guide
AGP Visual Quality of Glass
APL and Sustainability


Manufacturer Contact List
CAD/PDF Details
Full Set of Drawings
Altherm Klima Series Awning Window - Sash Open Out


Altherm Klima Series Awning Window - Tilt and Turn


Altherm Klima Series Casement Window - Sash Open Out


Altherm Klima Series, Aluclip - Awning Window, Sash Open Out


Altherm Klima Series, Aluclip - Awning Window, Tilt and Turn


Altherm Klima Series, Aluclip - Casement Window, Sash Open Out


Installation Details
Altherm Klima Series Awning Window on Board & Batten


Altherm Klima Series Awning Window on Brick Veneer


Altherm Klima Series Awning Window on Bevelback Weatherboard


Altherm Klima Series Awning Window on Flat Sheet


Altherm Klima Series Awning Window on Profile Metal


Altherm Klima Series Awning Window on Rusticated Weatherboard


Altherm Klima Series Awning Window on Stucco


Klima Series ALUCLIP Awning Window

Revit LT 2020

Klima Series ALUCLIP Tilt & Turn Window

Revit LT 2020

Klima Series Awning Window

Revit LT 2020

Klima Series Tilt & Turn Window

Revit LT 2020

Stylish contemporary lines, effective thermal technology and unwavering attention to detail have made Altherm a favourite with architects, designers and homeowners across New Zealand.

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