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Waterproofing a Deck Above a Living Area

Designing a deck that sits above a living area can prove problematic when considering the possibility of water ingress. Viking Dec-K-ing, an all-in-one, hard-wearing, aesthetic waterproofing PVC sheet membrane system, addresses this potential problem.

Viking Dec-K-ing is BRANZ-appraised and ensures water tightness through its weldable joins – the PVC membrane sheets are heat-welded. These, accompanied with lapped, vulcanised-seams, ensure every opportunity to prevent water ingress is taken. It is also designed for use with apartments and facilities requiring an attractive, hard-wearing waterproofing system with maximum grip underfoot in areas such as ramps and walkways.

Additionally, changes in temperatures cause building structures and deck substrates (especially timber) to contract and expand. This movement has caused splitting and leaking in other membrane systems. Viking Dec-K-ing avoids this through its flexibility, the embedded reinforcing mesh scrim in the sheet, and its heat-weldable seam technology.

Dec-K-ing also has high puncture resistance due to its polyester-reinforcing mesh scrim. This is the same technology that has been developed for the deck surfaces of pleasure craft boats – for handling regular rugged treatment from fishing rods, petrol tanks and anchors.

The embossing on a Viking Dec-K-ing membrane provides a hard-wearing surface, which is made to forgive the kind of scraping and scuffing that comes from the movement of deck furniture, pot plants and barbecues. This embossed surface not only helps in terms of wear resistance, it also offers an anti-slip element to the membrane, enhancing traction underfoot and creating a trafficable membrane.

The integrity of the membrane also stands-up well to the harsh nature of New Zealand's sun. In fact, Viking Dec-K-ing has less propensity to heat up in warmer conditions as much as other deck surfaces, which also makes it relatively more comfortable under foot.

Viking Dec-K-ing is ideal for coastal conditions as the salt air does not affect the membrane. Although more prominent in the residential sector, Viking Dec-K-ing has also been applied in a number of multi-unit apartment and commercial situations such as surf clubs and schools. Dec-K-ing can be installed over a range of surfaces, including treated flooring-grade plywood (minimum 17mm thick), concrete, fibreglass and fibre cement.

Viking Dec-K-ing is available in five attractive, earthy colours, each sufficiently versatile to work nicely with most residential and commercial decors. Sand Pebble, a new colour that has been introduced, has greatly increased a home owner's ability to create a tidy finish to his or her deck, all the while enjoying the underfoot comfort of its finish.

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