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Savings in Energy and Dollars: Using LED Lighting in the Home

Subtle but effective lighting is crucial in the modern home. Nobody wants bulky, unattractive light fittings or the hassle of having to change blown out lightbulbs. LED lights, available in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes, are the way forward when it comes to domestic lighting.

LED is quickly becoming the standard for light fittings installed in new buildings. Not only is it much more cost effective for homeowners in maintenance costs, but LED also uses much less wattage per lumen. These energy savings show significantly in the cost of power long-term.

High lumen outputs at lower wattages also mean less fittings are required to sufficiently light a room.

With an average output lifetime of 50,000 hours, LED lighting significantly outlives more traditional styles of fitting, such as incandescent and metal halide.

Vynco Industries offers a full range of sustainable LED lighting to help builds reach Homestar 6+ standards.

De Niro Downlights

De Niro LED downlights are a sleek, sophisticated range of fittings available in white, silver and black. With the ability to tilt to 25 degrees, the De Niro is a great solution for slanted, architectural ceilings or directional lighting. It can be used to highlight features of the home, such as art pieces or interesting furniture. With 3000K and 4000K options available, this fitting can be used in cosy lounge areas and bedrooms, as well cool kitchens and wet areas.

McQueen Downlights

McQueen LED downlights are a family of modern flush fittings with the ability to change between three colour temperatures at the flick of a switch. Featured on the base of the switch, the colour temperature can be changed from 2700K to 4000K to 6500K with ease.

Colour temperature is important to the atmosphere of a home. Warm white, otherwise known as 3000K, is often used in soft furnished areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. The more orange tone to the LED lights creates a snug, intimate environment in these areas. Natural white at 4000K is used in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, where the clean, cool tones create an illusion of cleanliness and clarity.

By featuring the colour change switch, the McQueen can be fitted throughout the home as a great energy saving solution.

The Crawford Oyster

For less lived in areas of the home, the Crawford LED Oyster is another excellent colour change option. Being a large fitting, fewer are required to light spaces, making them a favourite for areas such as hallways, garages and studies. The Crawford is a subtle circular fitting that blends seamlessly into the home, without stealing attention from its surroundings.

Using the Crawford in smaller areas where only one large fitting is required can save big time on unnecessary bulb maintenance and energy output.

Vynco’s range of LED domestic lighting is forever growing and adapting with the market conditions. With the focus on environmental impact steadily growing, ensure that high quality LED lights are fitted to guarantee longevity and sustainability to help achieve a Homestar rating.

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