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Reducing Power Consumption Through Smart Louvre Design

Designers are now looking to mechanical solutions to improve sunlight and thermal management to create energy-efficient buildings. Designers of the past used deciduous trees around residential buildings to provide cooling shade in summer and let warming light filter through in winter. Now, with larger windows and the increase of high-density housing where space is at a premium, the use of large trees is no longer practical on a property.

Creating a balance of natural light and temperature can be a challenge when designing a new building, but the Juralco Louvrelite Solar Control System provides a window louvre solution that can be adjusted to meet environmental needs. With the use of sun charts provided with the system, installation can be optimised for the seasons and the design requirements.

Designers using the Juralco sun charts can determine what angle to place the Louvrelite louvres in relation to the solar aspect a window is facing to get optimal light levels. The charts include sun positions for summer, winter, shoulder seasons and are also specific to locations in New Zealand. Maximising winter sun is a critical factor and weighing shading versus view can be a design compromise, but determining what tilt angle to set the louvres is as simple as drawing a line through the chart that includes the desired sunlight hours from morning to evening.

Utilising the Louvrelite system with windows means that in summer there will be a reduction in solar heat with protection from the harsh sun. In the winter, as the sun sits lower in the sky, more sunlight is admitted to the interior, thereby creating a home that is less reliant on energy-consuming temperature controls, all year round.

The Juralco Louvrelite Solar Control System is produced from durable, lightweight and versatile aluminium louvres, and is custom designed and coloured to the designer’s specifications.

There are additional benefits to using louvres as part of a design solution as the louvres also provide privacy, assist with wind and rain shelter, add depth to the design of a building and easy assembly allows for convenient installation for high-density city development as well as stand-alone buildings.

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