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Preparing for an Electric Future

New regulations are coming into force around the world mandating the use of electric or hybrid technology, and new incentives, like the government rebate for electric vehicles are aimed at generating more interest. Add to that the rising cost of petrol and diesel, and consumer interest and demand for electric vehicles is only going to grow exponentially. The future is electric, and all new builds will need to be electric vehicle ready.

Vynco’s EV charger, the VMEV, is engineered and manufactured in Christchurch, New Zealand and is a slimline flush electric vehicle charger. Subtle and discrete, the VMEV is designed to sit within a wall cavity. It stands only 54mm from the wall, saving space on garage walls, particularly in narrow new builds. Its fascia matches the rest of Vynco’s innovative VM series combined meterboards, databoards, and distribution boards, allowing contractors to offer a complete, uniform aesthetic to their customers, resulting in an overall coordinated and elegant look once installed. Unique in its category, the VMEV comes in both black and white options, giving homeowners more control over the look and feel of their garages.

Part of the VMEV’s appeal is that it is part of Vynco’s innovative Box Ahead offering. Box Ahead gives contractors and homeowners the choice to decide, by allowing the base, EV unit and cover to be bought separately or together. This allows new-builds to come with the base unit pre-installed, preparing the home for an electric vehicle in the future. Another benefit of Box Ahead is that it allows contractors to order a whole unit, but receive the base, EV unit and cover at different stages of the install. This saves them from storing the various components and minimises the risk of damaged or lost units.

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