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Structural Laminated Flooring

Techlam laminated T&G flooring (with or without V) is a durable, structural flooring system that is manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1328:1998 and AS5068.

Supplied in a Grade A Visual or Utility non visual finish, the flooring is manufactured from random lengths of timber (Radiata Pine), which are finger jointed and glued together to form continuous laminations. Available in two widths (300mm and 240mm) and in thicknesses of 42-135mm, this product can be manufactured to any specified length.

Key Features
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Large spans can be easily achieved
  • Floor depth is significantly reduced
  • Less requirement for structural support (greater distance between floor support beams)
  • Good fire resistance (up to 150 Minutes depending on product selected)
FSC Certified
FSC Certified
Scope of Use

Techlam laminated T&G flooring can be used in all forms of construction where the structure relies on AS1170:2002. Techlam laminated T&G flooring Span Tables are based on 'live load' categories (KPa) and vibration limitations, which are subject to the use of the space/building. The design and use must be in accordance with the Techlam GL10 laminated T&G Span Tables (see

Limitations on Use

Techlam laminated T&G flooring must be kept dry and stored flat. If it is to be coated, application of the coating must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If the moisture content is allowed to vary, the timber will be subject to shrinkage and swelling which may lead to cracks and shakes appearing.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

If installed in accordance with the Techlam installation requirements, Techlam laminated posts and beams and Techlam structural laminated flooring will comply with the performance clauses of the Building Code:

  • Structure B1/AS1: meets the requirements of B1.3.1 B1.3.2 B1.3.3 (a, b, f, j, m, q) B1.3.4 (a, b, c, d, e); AS1170:2002 for engineering span tables, AS/NZS 1328:1998 and AS5068 for building element.
  • Durability B2/AS1: meets the requirements of B2.3.1(a) B2.3.2. All timber is treated in accordance with NZS3640. Techlam does not carry out this treatment, Techlam relies upon its suppliers as they are all third party accredited.
  • Protection from Fire C: structural timber is exempt from surface finishes fire rating requirements.
  • Hazardous Building Materials F2/AS1: meets the requirements of F2.3.1. Timber treatment suppliers meet NZS3640, which includes flash-off requirements.


In-Service History

Techlam Structural Flooring has been used extensively in New Zealand and further afield for over 10 years.

Other Performance Attributes

Fire Performance: The fire resistance rating (FRRmax) for the floor systems are determined for the maximum allowable spans (Lmax) and cantilever length (Lc,max). It is assumed that only the underside of the floor is exposed to fire and that the char rate of the timber is 0.65mm/min. 

B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
Span Tables
Techlam PASS Statements
Installation and Operation
Floor Profile - 240mm
Floor Profile - 300mm

Techlam NZ are a New Zealand glulam manufacturing facility, producing a range of engineered timber products.

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