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Achieve Uniform Illumination in Learning Environments with Brando Recessed Panels

The design of learning environments plays a crucial role in shaping student experiences and outcomes. Vynco's latest addition, the Brando Recessed Panel, is a cutting-edge lighting solution designed to enhance learning spaces.

Proper lighting is crucial for visual clarity and student alertness. The Brando Recessed Panel — which can be either surface mounted or flush mounted within the ceiling — uses advanced LED technology to provide uniform illumination, eliminating harsh glare and shadows to promote a comfortable learning atmosphere. The panels are available in three different sizes and three light temperature options (3000K, 4000K and 5700K) to suit the requirements of the space. 

Applications in learning environments

Classroom enhancement:

In traditional classrooms, the Brando Recessed Panel reduces visual strain, fostering effective teacher-student interaction and collaboration.

Lecture halls and auditoriums

In large lecture halls, the panel's superior customisable lighting enhances the delivery of lectures and presentations, ensuring clarity and engagement.

Collaborative learning spaces:

In collaborative environments, the Brando Recessed Panel is an ideal choice which is compatible with acoustic ceiling systems, ensuring a well lit and acoustically optimised setting for discussions and projects.

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Achieve Uniform Illumination in Learning Environments with Brando Recessed Panels
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