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Volclay: The Self-Healing Tanking and Waterproofing System

When constrained beneath concrete slabs or against below-ground walls, bentonite transforms into a membrane impervious to water. However unconfined and wet, sodium bentonite will swell to between 10 and 15 times its dry volume.

The efficacy of Volclay is such that, when layered between needle punched geotextile fabrics (Volclay Voltex) or with a geotextile and a siliconized release liner (Volclay Swelltite), it can maintain its seal over small cracks, around penetrations (Swelltite and Voltex can be nailed in place prior to back-filling) and other irregularities, providing a reliable self-healing solution.

Voltex Swelltite can also waterproof plaza decks and earth-covered roofs when used in conjunction with toppings or paving of a prescribed weight.

Volclay DS/SWR may also be recommended if contaminated ground-water or saltwater conditions exist, subject to compatibility testing (as used on the ASB Building, North Wharf).

Used in conjunction with a complete range of bentonite-based accessories, otherwise complicated and failure-prone tanking waterproofing tasks become manageable.

Volclay can be:

  • Applied over green concrete
  • Easily joined
  • Applied in unfavourable weather
  • Applied in below-zero temperatures
  • Applied to concrete block and precast panels

To give peace of mind, Allco's Volclay system is a 'single-manufacturer system' which is BRANZ-appraised, BBA assessed, and meets the NZBC 50-year durability requirement. It features in MasterSpec and is supported with technical advice, details and a project-specific specification service if required. (contact your area's adviser to specific project information and details).

For specific project information and details, contact your area's Allco adviser.

View more information on Allco Waterproofing Solutions, including contact details.
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