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Durable EcoStar Tiles Replace Old Cedar Roofing

A beautiful 1930s double-storey Greek-Revival character home was being completely renovated to protect its heritage. The existing roof had old cedar timber tiles which were tired and in need of replacement.

Only the best would suffice for the homeowner who required a roofing product that identified aesthetically with the building’s architectural era, but just as importantly, stood the test of time and required little maintenance.

The homeowner preferred the cedar look, so a representative from Viking Roofspec suggested the installation of EcoStar Seneca Shake Roof Tiles. The colour chosen was ‘Federal Grey’. This house would be the first in New Zealand to have this specification.

Viking’s EcoStar Seneca Shake roofing tiles comprise of up to 80% post-industrial recycled plastic and rubber. Despite being synthetic, real cedar shakes are used as a template during the manufacturing process, to create an intricate texture that truly appears natural. Unlike wood, Seneca Shake provides superior protection from the most extreme weather conditions including temperature change and UV sunlight.

The tiles were installed on a Strandsarking substrate which added significant bracing to the building compared with the traditional method of nailing individual tiles to purlins. The combined weight of the roofing system including sarking was a surprisingly light 24kg/m², therefore, strengthening the building’s structure while lessening the stress on it.

The roof was installed by a Viking Approved Applicator, whose level of workmanship mirrored the very high standard required for this period building from both aesthetic and waterproofing perspectives.

The roof alone has transformed the look of the whole house. Viking EcoStar Seneca Shake Roof tiles not only achieved the desired look but offered a stronger and lighter weight solution which came with a 50-year product warranty. The homeowner is ecstatic that the quality of his home has been enhanced, while its character has been protected, with little-to-no maintenance required.

Sustainable Design

Looking for sustainable solutions for the design and finish of roofing projects? It can sometimes be difficult to determine which products are truly environmentally-friendly. Viking EcoStar synthetic slate and shake tiles are the only roofing tiles on the market made from 80% post-industrial recycled rubber and plastics. The product is also completely recyclable at the end of its usable life.

View more information on Viking Roofspec, including contact details.
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