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Viking Offers Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Slate Roofing

Historically, natural slate has been a popular roofing material, combining timeless aesthetic appeal with durability. In recent years, the weight, adverse environmental impact and cost of slate roofing has opened the door to a more practical alternative, synthetic slate.

Viking EcoStar combines the classic appeal and look of slate with modern technology to offer a superior, lightweight, environmentally friendly, and more cost-effective alternative.

Sustainable Roofing

Viking EcoStar comprises 80% recycled materials such as old car bumpers and the off-cuts from the manufacturing of various rubber and plastic products. Unlike slate, no stone is quarried.

Environmentally friendly decisions are becoming increasingly important. Specifying Viking EcoStar is a sensible way to make a difference without compromising on looks or durability, and saving on cost.

Lightweight Roofing

The Viking EcoStar system is installed on a timber sarking substrate such as plywood or SuperStrand sarking. The combined weight of the tiles and substrate at approximately 24kg per square metre is half the weight of a traditional slate roof; therefore placing less stress on the building structure.


(i) Substrate: The above-mentioned method of fixing the tiles to a timber sarking substrate provides significant extra structural integrity to a building. The roof is effectively one piece fastened to the roofing supports, providing significant bracing which is not only invaluable over the life of the building, but especially so in the event of a quake. Compare this with individually installed tiles on battens which are heavy and potentially dangerous if a quake should occur.

(ii) Tiles: The recycled polymers in Viking EcoStar tiles provide elastic properties, so they won't crack. They also have high impact resistance to standard New Zealand occurrences such as falling branches, hail, snow and golf balls. A 175kmph wind rating and excellent UV resistance guarantees years of performance in New Zealand's tough conditions. The tiles are backed up by a 50 year product warranty.

Aesthetics and Authenticity

An alternative to slate must appear authentic; otherwise it will cheapen the look of the building. Viking EcoStar has been specified on several historic buildings in NZ due to its authentic appearance, with the added benefit of being able to brace the entire precious building with only half of the weight load in the walls. To achieve this authentic appearance, 68 different moulds are used in the manufacture of Viking EcoStar tiles, ensuring that no tile looks the same as the one on either side of it. Ten different colours are available; each in four different shaped profiles, providing the opportunity to create unique designs for any residential, commercial or architectural historical project.


Despite being a premium system relative to mainstream roofing materials such as long-run metal and concrete tiles, the Viking EcoStar system (including the timber substrate) is priced at approximately 60% of the cost of a traditional welsh slate roof.


No construction product is of any value to a building owner if it isn't installed properly. Viking Roofspec distributes its products through a network of well-qualified, trained and very experienced approved applicators who take pride in their standards of installation. If there ever was a product where this ethos was important, it would be Viking EcoStar.

Technical information

  • Viking Ecostar tiles are suitable for household water collection when a domestic water treatment system in installed. 
  • EcoStar is half the weight of a concrete roof tile or slate roof.
  • UL Listed Class A Fire Resistance (UL790) 
  • UL Listed class C Fire Resistance (UL790)
  • Class 4 Impact Resistance UL Listed (UL2218)
  • Nail pull through ASTM D 3163
  • Prolonged UV exposure testing ASTM G26-95
  • 175 km/h wind warranty available
  • 50-year product warranty
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