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Preserving Natural Slate One EcoStar Tile at a Time

Viking EcoStar tiles are an eco-alternative to natural slate roofing, offering all of the aesthetic and performance benefits of its natural counterpart, but in a lightweight, sustainable package.

Designed to emulate the look of Welsh slate, EcoStar tiles are made from 80% post-industrial recycled plastics and rubber which are injection-moulded. The range features 46 different moulds, each with a slightly different profile, which mimic the surface and edge texture of natural slate.

Natural slate is renowned for its sustainability, due in large part to its longevity, however, we still need to be mindful of the fact that it is a natural resource and, like many natural resources, there is a finite supply. Slate tiles are also twice the weight of EcoStar tiles; the latter placing less top-heavy stress on the building structure.

This roofing system fulfils people’s aesthetic preference for the natural product whilst providing superior eco-credentials. Viking EcoStar tiles comprise of old car bumpers, door mouldings, radiator hoses and even off-cuts from the manufacture of disposable nappies. They are also 100% recyclable at the end of their usable life.

Thanks to their rubber/plastic composition, Viking EcoStar tiles are flexible and won't warp or crack when subjected to climatic variations. Extensive testing within a Xenon-arc weathering chamber subjected EcoStar tiles to 10,000 hours at 0.70 watts/m² and all samples were clear of any cracking, crazing or other such defect affecting service life.

They are also highly impact-resistant; providing protection against the most extreme conditions such as rain, hail and snow and have undergone testing to UL 790 standards for fire resistance.

In the event that any of the tiles become damaged, they can be replaced quickly and easily without the need to remove all of the surrounding tiles.

Viking EcoStar tiles are a practical solution for period homes and historic buildings, or for modern buildings requiring a timeless slate finish, without the expense; weight and impracticality.

Viking EcoStar comes with a 50-year product warranty, backed by Tiri Group.

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