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Viking’s Decoupling System: Simple, Effective and Compliant

Viking’s decoupling system is designed so that tiles can be installed on top of Viking Enviroclad membrane used to waterproof a deck. The difference is, that whereas prior to 2008 when tiles were allowed to be directly fixed to the membrane, these days, they can be installed on a decoupling mat which acts as a ‘slip-layer’. This is important because the heating-up/cooling down of tiles along with the expansion and contraction of a deck substrate during the change of seasons used to put huge latitudinal stress on the waterproofing membrane and eventually tear it; thus allowing water ingress. But with a decoupling layer, independent movement of these materials can take place without causing such damage. Additionally, this system allows the tiles to be removed if desired, without damaging the substrate and can be used to tile over difficult to adhere to surfaces — with no need to replace old flooring.

The Decoupling system is laid over the waterproofed substrate via spot adhering (less than 10% coverage) designed purely to hold the decoupling mat in place while the tiler installs the tiles on top.

The Viking Decoupling System is an appropriate option when: (i) installation of a floating deck on screw-jack pedestals is not an option seeing the door threshold between inside and outside is too low and/or (ii) the owner doesn’t want a floating deck with its (sometimes) ‘drummy’ feel underfoot versus the more solid feel of fully bonded tiles.

Viking’s Decoupling System is an accessory to complement Viking Roofspec’s Enviroclad 1.52mm waterproofing membrane. The decoupling system is usually installed by the tiling professional installing the tiles; with the Viking Enviroclad membrane having been installed by a Viking Approved Applicator.

“The deck we had to tile was on an old villa that had a height problem for a normal tile jack system. The Viking Decoupling System is low profile and enabled us to install the tiles without having a problem with the French doors opening out to the deck. It is really simple, easy and quick to install as it involves no unnecessary components. Overall great system!” — Tony, Surface Tiling Ltd

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