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Enhancing Senior Living: Troldtekt Acoustic Solutions for New Zealand's Ageing Population

As New Zealand's population ages, the housing market must adapt to meet the unique needs of the elderly. The elderly are more likely to be affected by the acoustics in their environment and this can lead to discomfort, misunderstandings, and disconnection from their surroundings. Since 1935, Troldtekt’s ceiling and soffit lining solutions have been providing acoustic and aesthetically pleasing solutions for seniors and those requiring more care. The concept of designing for the natural environment and optimal acoustic performance is at the heart of Troldtekt acoustic wood wool panels.

The unique sound absorbing properties of Norwegian spruce and Portland cement in the Troldtekt acoustic wood panels, control the reverberation within a living space, something which is critical to improving the clarity of speech and audibility comfort experienced by the elderly. In addition, Troldtekt acoustic wood wool panels have a Group 1-S rating when tested to ISO 5660-1:2015 for use as an interior lining material.

Troldtekt acoustic panels are an ideal choice for senior housing in New Zealand and meet the need for calm, comfortable, and healthy living environments. They are functional, aesthetic, robust, and free from harmful substances that can contaminate an indoor environment. In addition, the acoustic panels can both absorb and help to manage moisture, which can make the indoor climate feel more comfortable. Troldtekt requires minimal maintenance over its projected 50+ years lifetime. Impact testing shows that Troldtekt in ceiling and wall applications can withstand impacts associated with sports facilities, again contributing to its longevity and durability.

Troldtekt can be used in protected outdoor applications such as soffit linings. As a soffit lining in a concrete corridor, this can absorb the noise of foot fall and reduce the echos of closing doors. As a soffit lining in an outdoor living space, Troldtekt creates a durable aesthetically pleasing finish, and with the addition of corrosion category C5 screws, performs well in coastal locations. Even repainting to refresh the design is simple: vacuum to clear dust and then air spray a new acrylic paint coating.

Equally important are Troldtekt’s environmental credentials. Designers can be confident using Troldtekt to assist in creating a healthy internal air environment, supported by the Cradle to Cradle Gold certification, Der Blaue Engel, Allergy UK, M1 classification and either FSC or PEFC certified timber. The embodied carbon is low in a standard Troldtekt panel but up to 38% further improvement can be made by selecting FUTURECEM cement, lower embodied carbon panels.

For more insights and examples, visit or contact the Troldtekt team via email at [email protected]

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Enhancing Senior Living: Troldtekt Acoustic Solutions for New Zealand's Ageing Population
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