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Troldtekt line Acoustic Panels

Troldtekt line provide an elegant, uniform acoustic ceiling surface with no visible joints, and the peaceful look characteristic of timber batten ceilings. Troldtekt ceiling and wall panels are are made from PEFC™ certified or FSC® certified Norway spruce, a 100% natural material, and cement extracted from Danish mineral resources. The combination of wood and cement creates Troldtekt's unique sound absorbing properties, ensuring good acoustics in any room. The material has a natural resilience and can handle moist environments, while also providing effective fire protection. The sustainability of the Troldtekt acoustic panels is documented throughout the entire product life cycle with Cradle to Cradle Gold certification.

Troldtekt line acoustic panels have lengthwise surface grooves. Each panel has ten evenly spaced grooves. When the acoustic panels are joined together, the grooves are continuous along the entire surface, offering a seamless look. Each long side of the panel has a half groove, so that an extra groove is formed where panels are joined on the wall or ceiling.

Key Features
  • The open structure of Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool effectively absorbs sound
  • Uniform surface without visible joins
  • Sustainable product — Cradle to Cradle Gold certified, PEFC™ certified or FSC® certified Norway spruce (FSC® C115450)
  • Reaction to fire: Group 1-S
  • Easy installation options
  • Low maintenance, long life product
  • Robust acoustic solution for walls and ceilings
Acoustic Insulation
FSC Certified
FSC Certified
PEFC Certified
PEFC Certified
Recyclable Content (Post-Consumer)
Post-Consumer Recyclable Content
Recycled Content (Pre-Consumer)
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content
Scope of Use
  • Indoor ceiling and wall cladding used either for direct installation or as suspended ceiling panels
  • Troldtekt line panels are suitable for commercial, industrial and residential builds
  • Suitable for use in humid areas such as swimming complexes and gyms
  • Troldtekt can be surface-treated, but is often used unprocessed (natural wood and grey natural)
Limitations on Use
  • Must not be used as a structural component
  • Not suitable for surfaces subjected to frequent rubbing or physical contacts
  • Separation or protection must be provided to Troldtekt acoustic panels from heat sources such as fireplaces, flues and chimneys
  • 1200mm length panels at 25mm and 35mm thickness are over 7.5kg
  • Specific fastening method to satisfy seismic requirements is required when used in suspended grid systems
  • Due to the nature of the material, colour variations may occur with both natural wood and grey natural — to achieve an even distribution of the colour tones, it is recommended to mix the panels
  • As this is a natural product, there may be small variations in panel dimensions
  • Installation, storage and acclimatisation instructions must be carefully followed
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Troldtekt line panels meet the performance requirements of NZBC:

  • Clause B1 Structure (B1.3.1, B1.3.2, B1.3.3(a), B1.3.4)
  • Clause F2 Hazardous Building Materials (F2.3.1) 
  • Reaction to fire: Group 1-S
Other Performance Attributes
  • Impact resistance: Ball impact certification acc. to DIN 18032-3:2018-11
  • PEFC™ certified or FSC® certified Norway spruce (FSC® C115450)
  • Cradle to Cradle certified Gold Level
  • Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool can last for at least 50–70 years — can be painted to extend product life
  • Low maintenance — requiring only light cleaning
Interior Fire Rating 1S
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Data Sheet: Troldtekt line


Declaration of Performance


Certification & Tests
Sound Absorption Values
Installation Instructions
Brochure: Troldtekt line
Troldtekt Structures & Colours

The combination of wood and cement creates Troldtekt's unique sound-absorbing properties and ensures good acoustics in architecture with a focus on a sustainable indoor climate.

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