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Designing Media Walls with Electric Fires

These easy-to-install electric fires add stylish warmth to almost any room in a home. Offering captivating flame visuals with multiple flame effects and a choice of fuel effects, these electric fires all provide a stunning display which can be enjoyed with or without the heat. To maximise the level of ambience, some models can be installed with an LED Mood Lighting System for placing around the fire or TV, under shelves, to provide atmospheric mood lighting that can be easily controlled via the fire’s remote handset.

Devote a space to house all the media in order to create a centrepiece that captures people’s main focus as they enter the room. For the best results create bespoke stud wall frameworks in which to hide cables, house integrated storage space such as shelves, cupboards and drawers, and incorporate appliances such as a media wall electric fire. It’s an effective way of making the most use of the space by combining a TV, fireplace, soundbar, and more into a single installation. 

When designing a media wall fireplace often the key consideration is choosing the size of the TV and electric fire to use as electric fires are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

When comparing TV sizes and electric fire sizes it’s important to know that actual TV sizes vary across manufacturers, and the way the TV is fitted (for example into a cavity recess) will also impact the way it looks in relation to the fire. The Fireplace recommend measuring the width and height of the TV if lining it up with the width of an electric fire.

When designing a media wall, check what peripheral devices such as games consoles, or speaker systems may need to be accommodated within the media wall. For sound bars it’s common to see these placed in a recess above the TV, while games consoles go on a shelf to the side of the TV or perhaps in a cupboard underneath.

It’s important to plan where devices will be placed and leave a hidden channel behind to run cables to wherever they need to go. For concealing power cables consider installing some plug sockets in handy reach of devices. For further information or design advice talk to The Fireplace Architectural Advisor, Angela Hiddleston.

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