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The Building Agency Introduces Siderise Barriers for Cladding Cavities

Siderise RH and RV deliver protection to drained and ventilated cladding systems with benefits for both specifiers and installers. Ensuring high-quality, tested systems can make installation far easier.

Siderise RH: 'Open State' horizontal ventilated cavity barriers

The RH systems consist of a composite made with a non-combustible, non-hygroscopic stone wool core with reinforced aluminium foil faces. Bonded to the leading edge is a continuous high-performance intumescent strip. On a day-to-day basis, the cavity is free to drain and ventilate, but under fire load the intumescent rapidly expands and fully seals the ventilation gap between the barrier and the back of the cladding, preventing the chimney effect to protect the cladding and building above. The RH can be supplied to suit cladding cavities from 26mm to 425mm in total.

The RH range includes a choice of cavity closure products to suit either:

  • 25mm Closure
  • 50mm Closure

Both of the RH ranges are site modifiable. Additionally, both ranges can be supplied with fixing brackets as part of the system or for smaller cavities (20-65mm) locally sourced screw fixing is an option.

Siderise RV: Vertical non-ventilated cavity barriers

The RV cavity barriers for rainscreen cladding applications consist of non-combustible stone wool with reinforced aluminium foil faces, giving an overall reaction to fire performance to Class A1. Vertical cavity barriers are compression fit to continuously fill the void between the external cladding and internal structure. Siderise RV’s unique stone wool construction enables the vertical barriers to accommodate the serviceability movement normally associated with rainscreen façades. The RV can be supplied to suit cladding cavities from 26mm to 450mm in total; and are available in IE30, IE60 and IE120.

Results from the extensive testing to European and Australian/New Zealand Standards reinforce and prove that the RH and RV systems provide high performance under load. They deliver fast cavity closure times and perform above the required test benchmarks.

View more information on The Building Agency, including contact details.
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